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Car & Truck Headlights

Driving at night can be stressful, but it doesnt have to be with the right headlights. Car headlights serve more than one purpose; they allow you to see after dark, they provide visibility for other drivers on the road with you, and they can also add to the look and style of your vehicle. Headlights arent just a one-size-fits-all car part; there are many types of lights to serve every purpose when it comes to driving in fog, rain, or simply on a dark country road. Stay safe and keep your ride stylish with updated headlights that combine form with function to provide you with the safest options available for nighttime travel.€

Luminous LED Headlights
Shopping for car headlights is confusing for the average person. Since there are several main categories of lights, as well as brands, styles, and bulbs, it quickly becomes frustrating to choose the right set. Some of the most well known headlights are LED headlights. Powered by the same type of energy efficient LED bulbs that light up computer monitors, holiday lights, and your cars dashboard, LED lights are commonly used and with good reason. The lights dont heat up, making them safer, and they have more flexibility than other types of lights, making it easy for them to adapt to a variety of weather conditions.€

High Voltage HID Headlights
HID headlights, which are also called Xenon headlights, are considered a high intensity lighting option. They use high voltage and a combination of gases to provide bright light, which can travel a long distance to ensure your safety while driving in the dark. However, their intense light can also be painful for other drivers to look at, so select these lights with caution. HID lights are powerful, good for long distance sight, but in terms of brightness, other drivers could be literally blinded by the light of your vehicle!€

Hot Halogen Headlights
Halogen lights are also known as incandescent lights. These car headlights are from the old school of headlight design; meaning, youll likely see these relics on vintage vehicles, so you may not have a need for them in a new car. However, if you do, these lights have been modernized to a degree, and dont burn as hot as they used to back in the day. They are generally less expensive than other types of lights, and a go-to option for motorists who wish to use a long lasting light that wont strain the pocketbook. Halogen headlights are the basics of headlight design. €€€