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Car or Truck Headlight and Tail Light Covers

Car and truck headlight or tail light covers add a distinctive personalized look to your vehicle. Headlight and tail light covers also offer helpful protection to guard your lights against damage from rocks, road debris, and abrasion. More importantly, customized light covers make your automobile stand out from the rest.

What is a headlight or tail light cover?

Headlight or tail light covers for your car or truck usually consist of a thin film made out of metal, vinyl, or plastic that you install over the factory-installed headlamps or tail lights. Some light covers are fitted, removable plastic attachments that easily snap on over the headlamps or tail lights for a silhouetted look. If tinted, the light cover changes the colour of your car's headlamps or tail lights. Over time, the light cover can guard the plastic of your car's lights and keep it from being scratched or damaged by rocks, sand, mud, spills, or other debris. Tail light covers can also come as guards, a physical plastic barrier that prevents damage to your rear brake lights. These guards fit the specific model of car or truck you drive and come in a variety of shapes and configurations.

What kinds of light covers are there?

Headlight and tail light covers offer a variety of ways in which you can customize your vehicle for a distinctive and individual look. However, there are different considerations to keep in mind for headlights versus tail lights. Safety is always a priority.

  • Headlight covers: The safest option for headlights is a clear cover that protects your vehicle's headlights from damage and cloudiness but does not reduce the amount of light the headlight puts out.
  • Tail light covers: More options exist for tail light covers as long as the covers allow other drivers to clearly see the red of your tail lights and brake lights. Light covers or guards can be physical overlays in chrome, other metal, smoke-coloured plastic, or stainless steel. Drivers can install chrome or metal bezels for additional enhancements. Creative silhouette pictures are a fun feature of these guards. Some examples include silhouettes of the American flag, or an SUV or jeep going over a mountain range. Individual drivers have many choices to express their personality on the road.
How are light covers installed?

You can either have a professional install your vehicle's tail light and headlight covers, or you can install them yourself easily. Tinted films, for example, come in a variety of colours, including red, blue, purple, clear, smoke, and midnight, and these are easy to use for customizing your car. You can sometimes find coloured films in custom shapes that are pre-cut specifically to fit your make and model of car, making it more possible for car and truck drivers to get a unique and distinctive look for their vehicle with a minimum of fuss.