Car and Truck License Plate Frames

A license plate frame is a simple frame designed to surround and protect your license plate. You can put one on both your front and back plate holders. These accessories are beneficial for drivers.

What are the benefits of a license plate frame?

Whether you are a new or longtime driver, youll want to check out the benefits of license plate frames. These frames protect the plate and do other things, too.

  • Security: One benefit is that these accessories give you some security. As the piece completely surrounds the plate, you wont worry about it falling off. It also makes it easier for police to see your number.
  • Protection: These frames offer some protection because many have a reflective surface. That surface catches the light and reflects it around your car to ensure that other drivers on the road can see you.
  • Customization: Using one of these accessories also lets you personalize your car or truck. You can pick a design based on the manufacturer of your vehicle or a favorite sports team.
How long does it take to install one?

If you can operate a screwdriver, you can install a license plate frame on your car. The entire process usually takes 20 minutes or less. Removing the old plate frame is your first step. The company that made the new frame might include new screws in the packaging. Once you place the frame on your vehicle, you can line up the screws with the existing holes. Sink the screws into those holes to secure the plate in place. It takes the same amount of time to install one on the front or back of your car or truck.

Are all frames compatible with all models?

Though you might worry that you need to buy a specific size or design, dont be. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, youll find that license plate frames are compatible across most models. That is because states make license plates the same size and in a standard rectangular shape. A license plate frame that works on a Chevy will also work on a Ford or a Jeep. You can even swap it out if you buy a new model in the future.

Do frames come in different materials?

License plate frames come in a number of different material options. You can match the color to the paint on your truck or your trim color. These accessories often use a type of metal such as stainless steel or chrome. These products are much shinier and more reflective. Aluminum and carbon fiber models are lightweight. There are also license plate frames made from plastic available. These come in white and other colors and often include some type of design. You can pick out a license plate frame for your car that has a slogan or team logo around the edges.