Car & Truck Mirror Assemblies

Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Side-view mirrors show drivers what is going on around and behind them so that they can drive their car or truck safely. Even though there are many different types of them available, they all improve the drivers view of the road. If the side mirrors become damaged, drivers may need to replace them with new ones that fit their vehicle.

What types of car and truck mirrors are there?

There are two main types of side-view mirrors for trucks and cars:

  • Manual: These side-view mirrors work even when the vehicle loses power. Some models have a manual remote installed in the drivers armrest. Some models also fold against the vehicle to prevent damage.
  • Power: These connect to the vehicles electrical grid or battery. The different power models often have memory functions, lights, automatic folding, and a variety of other features.
What types of mirror glass are available?

There are three different types of glass that may be used in the production of exterior mirrors:

  • Flat: This is the most common type used for side-view mirrors. The drivers side mirror is usually this type.
  • Convex: This glass is curved outwardly so that objects in the mirror are closer than they seem. It is usually found on the passenger-side mirror.
  • Tinted: These models are tinted in various colors to reduce the reflection of the sun. This can prevent you from becoming temporarily blinded by the vehicles behind you.
What features should you consider when looking for exterior mirrors?

When you are looking for truck mirrors, you should consider certain features, including:

  • Heat: These accessories have a defroster and defogger to prevent the parts from icing up. This means you can get going faster in the winter.
  • Dim: These exterior mirrors dim when lights flash on them. This prevents other cars and trucks from blinding you when passing or driving behind you at night.
  • Signal and puddle light: The exterior mirror may blink when you turn your signal on to let other drivers know that you are getting ready to turn. Puddle lights point down when you open the door to illuminate where you are getting ready to put your feet as you get out of your truck or car.
  • Memory: Some truck mirrors remember the settings different drivers set so that you can just get in and go without having to readjust your view.
  • Electric folding: Many truck mirrors automatically fold inwards to prevent scratches and potential damage.