Car & Truck Seat Covers

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Car & Truck Seat Covers

Whether they protect your auto or truck's upholstery or provide that final decorative touch, vehicle seat covers can be an important purchase for many automobile owners. Material, durability, colour, and custom elements are important features to look for. It's important to determine your goals and needs before choosing a truck or car seat cover.

How do you choose the right kind of seat cover?

First, determine how you use your auto, truck, or SUV. Do you carry around heavy equipment? Do you transport pets, young children, or athletes with equipment? The passengers, gear, and equipment you carry will play an important role in your choice of seat cover.

  • Equipment transport: Covering your seats with heavy-duty seat covers like cordura that resist tearing and allow for easy cleaning is crucial. Neoprene seat covers protect against spills, leaks, and water damage.
  • Pets and young children: Car seat covers accommodating pets and kids need to be designed with one major consideration in mind: washability. Covers should fit, they must be easily removable, and they need to be able to resist ripping or tearing from dogs' claws or kids' shoes. Canvas, polycotton, or leatherette seat covers for your automobile, truck, or SUV should be high-quality but affordable.
  • Athletes: For dedicated athletes, car seat covers need to be washable. Sweat and dirt from energetic workouts will build up over time, causing offensive odors in your vehicle. Mesh covers help evaporate sweat and keep it from staying in your upholstery.

What seat covers are luxurious as well as comfortable?

For luxury and comfort, there's almost nothing that can beat the classic look of real leather. Precise fit and quality are important, but so is the general design. colour, texture, and durability will all be important considerations for the car seat cover. For classic warmth and enveloping comfort, it's hard to beat real sheepskin covers made to fit the front or rear seats. Consider the features of both choices:

  • Leather: The classic elegance of leather provides a professional, polished touch to any vehicle. Leather will generally need more upkeep and regular conditioning. Hot or sunny climates can degrade the seat over time, however.
  • Sheepskin: Comfortable and extremely durable, this real fleece is luxuriously warm and gentle, especially on a long drive. It will probably require deep cleaning, especially if it is white or cream-coloured.

What are some other accessories for car seats?

Truck and car seat covers can be purchased with accessories to match. Heavy-duty rubber floor mats or steering wheel covers can be purchased to coordinate with new automobile seats. In addition, car seat covers can be matched with lumbar pillows in the same fabric. For driving in wintertime, car seat heating units or cushion warmers are available to keep the driver or passengers warm.