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Frequently Asked Questions About Wheel Spacers and Adapters for Cars and Trucks

Wheel spacers and adapters are both commonly used to facilitate the installation of custom wheels on your car or truck. Although typically used to install larger custom tires, they can work with any potential size. eBay is your source for new and used car and truck wheel spacers and adapters.

What is the difference between a spacer and an adapter?

Both devices have different purposes, although they often work in conjunction with each other. A spacer, as the name implies, creates extra space between the wheel and the hub assembly. This allows you to mount larger custom wheels on your vehicle. These components can be mounted directly over the vehicles existing studs and holding bracket.

An adapter, on the other hand, alters the vehicles existing bolt pattern. This is commonly used when there is a mismatch between the vehicle and the custom wheel. Sometimes you may need a spacer without an adapter. Sometimes its the other way around. Sometimes you may need to use both at the same time.

What is the purpose of spacers and adapters?

Both components can be used to make the following changes.

  • Appearance: By exchanging standard tires for highly customized tires, you can alter the look, appearance, and style of your vehicle.
  • Clearance: Sometimes custom wheels may not fit perfectly when installed on your vehicle. Spacers and adapters help to ensure that the wheel is a sufficient distance away from the interior of the vehicle so it isnt hitting or damaging other parts.
  • Handling: Both components can help you achieve better stability and weight distribution in your vehicle. Once the wheel is mounted further away from the hub assembly, you can change the grip and traction while turning or cornering to suit your preferences.
What kind of material are spacers and adapters made from?

Most of these affordable components on eBay are made from a variation of steel or a high-strength aluminum alloy. There are various types of aluminum alloys, including 6061, which is made from magnesium and silicone, and 7075, which is made with zinc. They are generally much stronger than just steel alone. Some components also contain a special coating for high-grade corrosion protection. The quality of the components matters greatly. More durability and strength generally means improved wheel balance and stability and less cumulative damage over time.