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Car and Truck Xenon Light Bulbs

Xenon HID bulbs, as indicated, are filled with xenon gas, and they offer excellent illumination. This gas, together with sophisticated illumination technology, brings about a greater light output. They come in two styles: those designed for maximum light output and those geared towards styling.

What are some of the features of Xenon light bulbs?

These bulbs are the next step when it comes to HID lighting. They are cooler, more efficient, and put less strain on the bulb. Instead of the usual capacitors, igniters, and transformers, they make use of electronic circuitry, meaning they are more advanced and efficient. They are soft starting, meaning that when they fire, they start by sending a little amount of power. This power steadily increases over a few minutes until maximum brightness is achieved. This translates to more life to the bulb in your auto, more visibility, and more vivid colours.

What are the differences between 35W and 55W xenon bulbs?

The 55W bulb offers brighter illumination and its installation process is more complicated due to its larger bulb size. The illumination system on the 35W discharges less heat. As a result, this preserves the component near the headlight area longer.

Why does the Xenon light bulb produce blue light?

The light produced by this bulb might appear blue but, in reality, it is white as determined by international standards for white lighting. It only appears blue because of the comparison made between it and the warmer yellow light that is produced by halogen bulbs. When compared to daylight, one is able to see the white lighting of the bulb. However, after the introduction of certain crystals, it is possible to come up with a stronger blue tint that gives a more distinctive look to your headlights. For a stronger blue tint, go for the 8000K to 12000K systems.

How easy is it to install the Xenon bulbs?

It is very easy and simple to install these bulbs since they incorporate a plug and play wiring system with no re-wiring or soldering needed. Cutting of wires is not required and the connectors are colour coded. This ensures that one connects them the right way. In addition, full installation instructions are included. Normally, one can fit the entire thing in less than 45 minutes.

Are there differences between Hi-Lo and Bi-xenon bulbs?

Hi-Lo has two bulbs for each socket: one high beam halogen bulb and one low beam light bulb. On the other hand, Bi-xenon provides high-intensity discharge (HID) on both low beams and high beams. It is highly recommended if you want to experience a full HID experience.

Can these bulbs be used with plastic lenses safely?

These are known for their powerful illumination intensity as opposed to their heat intensity. This gives them the benefit of high visibility and overall vision. The temperatures indicated on them do not refer to heat but rather their colour temperature. They have ultraviolet protection, thus making their use with plastic lenses perfectly safe.