Car and Truck Antennas for BMW

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Antennas for BMW

When you wish to get better reception within your vehicle, antennas for BMW vehicles will provide you with enhanced reception when attached to the car. There are a variety of different types to select from, including shark fin antennas and roof aerial ones. These parts are manufactured by numerous brands, such as Martins, Possbay, and ICBEAMER.

What are the different types of BMW antennas?

There is a wide range of outdoor antennas that can be used in combination with your BMW, including those of the bee sting and shark fin varieties.

  • Bee sting: The bee sting antenna is designed to be placed towards the back of the car roof. It can hold up well in high winds, owing to its aerodynamic design.
  • Roof aerial: This is any type of antenna that can be attached to the roof of your vehicle and can pick up radio and television signals as you drive. They come in the bee sting or shark fin varieties.
  • Shark fin: This design is meant to provide you with a sleek option that you can attach in several different areas around your BMW. It is shaped exactly like a shark fin and typically measures around three inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. The amplifier is housed inside of the shark fin.
Which colors are BMW antennas available in?

These outdoor antennas can be found in a wide array of different color options, the most common of which is black. Additional colors that you can choose to pair with your vehicle include gray, silver, blue, red, white, and cobalt. It is possible to match the color of the part with the color of your BMW so that it blends in once installed.

Which materials are BMW antennas made from?

The primary material used in the creation of BMW antennas is carbon fiber, due primarily to its high thermal and electrical conductivity. Carbon fiber comes with a wide range of advantages that allow it to be beneficial when used for outdoor applications. It is strong and stiff yet also lightweight in nature. It is 100% resistant to water and corrosion, while also being resistant to abrasion. This material is resistant to the vast majority of chemicals as well.

How do you select a BMW radio or TV antenna?

Many of these radio and TV antennas are OEM parts. OEM parts include any part that has been made by the original manufacturer of your car, which would be BMW in this case. When you select an OEM part, you will be provided with an item that is designed with the exact specifications and measurements of your vehicle in mind. This means that it should be a precise fit and will not require additional adjustments. Some of these items are also aftermarket branded parts. Aftermarket parts have been designed and built by brands other than the original manufacturer of your car, such as Possbay. It is possible that small modifications will be necessary when installing an aftermarket part.