Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Shampooers

Vacuuming the carpets is a regular chore that helps remove surface dirt; however, a high-quality carpet cleaner will allow you to deep-clean the carpet fibers to keep it in tip-top shape. Carpet cleaners can work as a spot cleaner and get rid of tough stains, pet messes, and much more, making them a handy tool to have available in the house or the workplace. These cleaning machines come in a variety of sizes, types, and styles.

How does a carpet shampooer work?

These shampooers utilize a cleaning solution that is mixed with warm water and sprayed deep into the carpet by the machine. Then, it scrubs the carpet either back and forth or in a circular motion to cleanse deep within the carpet fibers and lift all of the dirt. The unit also utilizes suction to extract the dirty water and other particles. Models differ in the way they spray, scrub, and suction, so be sure to choose a model that fits your needs.

What types of carpet cleaners are available?

Your options include:

  • Spot cleaners: Spot cleaners are often lightweight and highly portable, making them easy to store even if you have limited space. These cleaning products are primarily used in the home, and they provide an effective solution for pet stains and food spills on upholstery and stairs. Some of these cleaners can simply be placed on top of the stain while others may require that you scrub back and forth over the stain. Models often contain two tanks: one with clean water and one with the dirty vacuumed water.
  • Upright cleaners: Upright models resemble vacuum cleaners, but they are often a bit larger. The water tanks on these cleaning units are removable, and these products are simply pushed back and forth across the floor to remove dirt and stains. Upright cleaners also usually have hose attachments, which allow for use on upholstery or on hard-to-reach places.
  • Canister cleaners: These portable cleaning products often incorporate wheels for easy transportation, and these machines generally come equipped with a scrubber, a suction wand, and a furniture upholstery accessory. These units are ideal for smaller stains and pet messes as they allow you to effectively and efficiently clean small areas.
What features should you look for in a carpet cleaner?

There are features to consider that will make your job easier, and they include:

  • Tank size: Smaller tanks offer more portability, but larger capacity tanks reduce the number of refills needed to complete a job. Choose one based on your cleaning needs.
  • Number of tanks: It can be handy to have two tanks, one for cleaning solution and one for hot water as the water generally needs to be filled much more regularly.
  • Portability: A portable unit is oftentimes much easier to store, and having one is especially important if you consistently must carry it up and down the stairs.
  • Attachments: If you plan to use your carpet cleaner on upholstery or pet stains in various and possibly hard-to-reach places, having the proper accessories is important to ensure maximum functionality.