Cases and Covers for LG G2

LG G2 phones have cases and covers that can be rigid plastic, rubber, or synthetic leather. Features range from shockproof and water resistant to waterproof and lightweight. To select cases and covers for LG G2 phones, you should decide what you need your case to do.

What are the uses of a phone case or cover?

When you own a cellphone, a case or cover can help protect it. Some cases can also provide additional benefits like storage. A cellphone cover is generally thin, lightweight, and not bulky, so it can slide into a small purse or pants pocket. A case is also designed to help provide some protection against accidents, such as drops, bumps, and scratches.

What types of designs are available for a G2?

Here are some design options available for the LG G2 phone covers and cases:

  • Clear covers: Transparent covers, often made of lightweight silicone, are available and allow the LG phone's original design to be seen.
  • coloured cases: A rainbow of colours from black to green to orange to pink is available. These cases often come in matte or glossy options.
  • Arm bands: Armbands allow the LG G2 to be carried attached to the upper arm so that the user's hands can move freely to perform other tasks.
  • Characters and designs: Decorative designs featuring flowers, bows, animals, flags, and rhinestones are available. Additionally, pop culture images such as Disney characters, superheroes, and even team logos are offered on LG cases.
What additional features are available in LG G2 cases?

Additional features for LG G2 phone cases include:

  • Kickstand: There are several kickstand designs, but most lie flat against the back of the case when not in use. The stand can be extended when the phone needs to stand upright.
  • Holster belt clip: A holster belt clips on to your belt or pocket to store your phone, which can be removed without removing the entire clip.
  • Shock resistant models: Shock resistant cases are designed to help protect your device if it is accidentally dropped from a high height, bumped against a hard surface, or slammed onto the ground.
Will LG G2 cases and covers help protect the screen?

In addition to changing your phone's look, some cases and skins have rubberized sides that extend beyond the width of the phone and act as a buffer if the phone is dropped face down. A thin, clear screen protector, usually made from polyurethane or glass, can also cover your LG phone's screen and works in tandem with your phone case or cover for added protection.

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