Casio G-Shock Rangeman

In addition to keeping time, Casio's G-Shock Rangeman provides many survival tools that are useful in the event of a crisis. The solar-powered, black Rangeman with backlit display and cylindrical buttons provides a compact set of wilderness tools. Backpackers, hikers, mountain climbers, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts will find that it is a practical multitool device.

What features are available in the G-Shock Rangeman?

This rugged, mud-resistant watch measures 4 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches. Water resistant up to 200 meters, the Rangeman is a tough, shock-resistant Casio watch that goes beyond basic features.

The black Rangeman provides the typical features of a Casio brand wrist watch, including stopwatch, alarm clock, and date and time keeping. Additionally, this tough, shock-resistant model offers many survival features for outdoor activities and backpacking through the wilderness. Some of the features available in the G-Shock include:

  • Radio-controlled timekeeping when a time-calibration signal is available.
  • A digital compass with bearing memory to track direction down to 1 degree of precision.
  • A thermometer to measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit to 0.1 degree Celsius of precision. This watch has a resistance to cold and can function in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.
  • An altimeter to measure altitude in meters or feet at five- or two-second intervals.
  • A barometer to measure atmospheric pressure in pascals (Pa) or inches of mercury (inHg), and a watch graph to display the past 48 hours of readings.
  • A solar power feature to recharge and extend the battery life of the watch.
How do you recharge the battery?

The G-Shock uses the CTL1616F, lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The solar power feature can recharge and extend the battery life of the G-Shock. Expose the G-Shock watches to sunlight to recharge the battery. According to Casio, 5 minutes of direct sunlight will power the G-Shock for a full day. The battery also recharges in indirect sunlight. The G-Shock's rechargeable battery provides for up to 8 months of power without exposure to light after a full charge. The rechargeable battery can power G-Shock watches for up to 23 months in power saver mode without exposure to light after a full charge.

What colours is the Rangeman available in?

G-Shock watches are available in many colours, including black, white, olive, blue, red, and yellow. However, Casio offers the Rangeman resin bezel and resin wristband predominantly in black.

Where are the G-Shock's time-calibration signals transmitted from?

Time-calibration signals are transmitted from five global locations:

  • Fort Collins, colourado.
  • Mainflingen, Germany.
  • Anthorn, England.
  • Fukushima, Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Shangqiu City, China.
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