Cat Supplies

Cat Supplies

The cat rules the roost and knows it. Sidestep the little Queen of Sheba or wannabe Napoleon and buy the cat supplies you'd prefer. Although, there are a lot of products kitty might like, especially the plush and fleece-lined beds. A window perch lets your feline look down on everybody else and keep an eye on the birds at the same time. A hammock is a great place for catnaps and an igloo-shaped house gives your pet a feeling of security. Keep the catnip in a closet and bring it out on special occasions.

Heads-Up Information for Cat Lovers

Cat supplies include dry or soft snacks that may include vitamins and other ingredients to improve the skin and coat or help control hairballs. There are even dental treats to keep your cat's teeth healthy. Litter boxes and litter are available in clumping formulas along with odor control varieties. Just be aware, you may not get help from your pet when cleaning the box. The cutest animal clothing includes hats, shirts, dresses, and even pajamas. There are even costumes for holidays such as Christmas and Independence Day. When you both need some space, install a door that leads outside or to a screened-in porch for a cat break.

Dine in Peace

A water fountain keeps the liquid moving to stay clear and fresh. Plus, you don't have to keep filling a water dish or knocking it over accidentally. Choose an unbreakable bowl, add some food, and life is peaceful. A collapsible bowl works for home use and when travelling. Your cat stays content when you purchase a flea collar, use spot-on treatments, or give capsules that contain flea control and prevention ingredients. You both live in harmony when kitty is happy.

Travel in Style

Carriers and crates keep your pet safe and secure so there is little chance of the pet getting lost. Carrier bags have clear windows to help eliminate pet anxiety. Tuck in a favourite cat toy such as a ball or fake mouse for added security. Make sure to place an ID tag on the crate and cat collar that includes your address and phone number. You two really are inseparable.