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Chevrolet S-10 Catalytic Converters

A Chevrolet S-10’s catalytic converter is an important part of the vehicle’s exhaust system. It changes the toxic compounds found in a car’s exhaust into non-toxic compounds. If you need to replace your vehicle’s catalytic converter, it’s important for you to understand how they work and the parts they contain.

What does a car’s catalytic converter do?

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device with a stainless steel exterior. Located between the engine and the muffler, it takes the harmful substances that a car’s internal combustion engine produces and converts them into less harmful substances. These converters use a substance that creates a chemical reaction in the toxic gases released from the engine and changes them to less harmful, sometimes completely harmless, matter.

After converting the toxic gases, it sends them through the vehicle’s muffler system and into the exhaust pipe where they exit the vehicle and enter the atmosphere.

What parts are housed within the S-10’s catalytic converter?

The S-10’s converter houses several parts that work together to reduce exhaust emissions that pollute the environment, which are listed below:

  • Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure lined with precious metals is housed within the vehicle’s catalytic converter. Each of these metals plays a specific role in reducing harmful engine exhaust emissions.
  • Reduction catalyst: The reduction device in the converter uses rhodium and platinum to reduce nitrogen oxide, a poisonous, reactive gas. When the nitrogen oxide comes into contact with the rhodium and platinum, the precious metals take the nitrogen molecules out of the engine exhaust and convert it into cleaner oxygen that can be released into the environment.
  • Oxidation catalyst: The oxidation device uses palladium and platinum to oxidize the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are in the gasoline that’s heading to the engine. This reduces the amount of smog that unburnt engine fuel can produce.
What types of catalytic converters are there?

All cars come equipped with a converter, and some owners choose or are required by state law to upgrade to a higher-performing device.

  • Standard: All cars come equipped with catalytic converters. Many of these converters are not permitted to be used on vehicles licensed in the state of California.
  • Performance: Performance converters, such as the ones by Flowmaster, are designed to meet or exceed emissions standards. Performance converters are built to withstand high pressure while delivering superior flow, allowing for higher horsepower and torque.
  • Flowmaster California catalytic converters: Flowmaster California Converters are built to last a long time, perform well, and meet California’s strict emission standards. These Flowmaster converters use proprietary precious metal formulas and a wash-coat application technology that enables them to meet strict exhaust emissions standards. The application information provided by Flowmaster must be adhered to when installing a Flowmaster Converter. Flowmaster ships to California if you’re in need of one of their performance parts for your Chevrolet S-10.