Cell Phone Displays

Create an Attractive Technological Display with a Dummy Phone

If you need to show someone what a phone looks like but want to avoid the risk of using real phones, a dummy phone is an excellent option. At an affordable price, dummy phones let you display a realistic-looking item that is not easy to break or desirable to steal. In addition to using dummy cell phones as a store display, you can use them in plenty of situations, ranging from a prop in a play to a toy for a child.

Does weight matter when picking the phone?

As you browse through the broad range of display phones for sale on eBay, you'll find that there are a few different options available for weights. Lightweight dummy cell phones may be empty inside the shell, so they are not as heavy as the real thing. If a product says it has an accurate weight, this means that it's weight matches that of the real version.

Can you use a dummy phone like a real one?

There are a few styles of dummy phones that work if you want the phone to look as realistic as possible. Some eBay sellers provide gently used products that still have a working display, even if they no longer have the capability of receiving cell phone service. You can also find some dummy phone styles with an LCD display that lights up and mimics basic functions like taking a photo or making a call.

Which brands have dummy cell phones?

It is possible to find a dummy phone that mimics the look of a real model for most top cell phone brands. A few of the many brands sold by sellers on eBay include:

  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Apple
What are the screen options for a dummy phone?

The shell of a dummy phone mimics the appearance of real dummy cell phones, but matching the look of a working phone is not always possible. There are a few different styles of dummy cell phone screens available, including:

  • LCD: This style is an LCD screen that lights up like a real one, but it typically has a fixed image that you cannot interact with or change.
  • Paper: A dummy phone with a paper display has a cardboard picture of a lit up cell phone display that fits into a slot on the front.
  • Blank: This type is a blank black rectangle that has a matte or glossy appearance.