Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, or other cell phone model, protecting your phone from damage is crucial. A cell phone screen protector can help prevent potential damage to your phones screen. Installing one of these accessories for your screen can add to your phone's appearance as well.

How do you determine which screen protector you should get?

To protect your screen from everything from minor scratches to major screen shatters, there are a number of plastic and tempered glass screen protector options available. Many of these accessories are precut to fit phone models such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Here are a couple of tips for finding the right screen protector for your cell phone:

  • Look for a quality tempered glass or plastic screen protector that provides flexibility without inhibiting the use of your phone screen.
  • Look for extra features such as 9H hardness, privacy layers, or anti-glare glass protection that will make your phone usage more convenient.
What materials are cell phone screen protectors made from?

Screen protecting accessories come in a number of materials. The material you choose will determine your protectors ability to shield your screen. Some models of phone screen protectors include the following:

  • Polyurethane screen protector
  • Plastic screen protector
  • Tempered glass screen protector
  • Glass screen protector
What colours do screen protectors come in?

While screen protectors are mostly clear, they can have coloured edges. colour options include black, white, silver, gold, pink, red, and blue. With the different colour options available, you can find one to match your smartphone and give it the look you desire.

How do you attach a screen protector to your phone?

Both plastic and tempered glass screen protectors are easy to install for most cell phone models. Each plastic and tempered glass screen protector comes with its own set of instructions, but typically the installation process includes these steps:

  1. Clean your cell phones screen with a microfiber cloth to remove all dust, dirt, and fingerprints. This step may need to be done more than once to really get the surface clean.
  2. Slowly pull off the accessorys protective backing to expose the adhesive side of your cell phone protector.
  3. Line up the tempered glass or plastic screen protector with the edges of your device.
  4. Place the adhesive side of the protector onto the surface of the cell phone.
  5. Use a smooth piece of plastic to slowly smooth the protector over the screen to remove any bubbles from between the two layers.