There is a wide variety of chainsaws available on the market. Your choice will primarily be determined by the size of the wood you want to work on and the area of operation.

What types of chainsaws are available?

There are three types of chainsaws:

  • Gas chainsaws
  • Corded electric chainsaws
  • Battery-operated cordless chainsaws

What are the chainsaw power options available?

  • Gasoline-powered: These combine power and mobility. There are professional-grade chainsaws for large trees and light-duty models for smaller ones. These devices start with a pull-start and have a two-cycle engine that operates on both oil and gasoline. If you want, the fuel can be premixed. Care must be taken when looking to store a gasoline chainsaw.
  • Electric: These saws are suitable for small jobs like trimming, light cutting, and pruning. This is because these activities require less power. The chainsaws are easy to start and maintain.

What features should you look for in a chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws can be:

  • Cordless saws: This type offers mobility and can be used in areas that have no access to electrical outlets. You will need to recharge the batteries or carry a spare battery to switch.
  • Corded saws: This one is lighter and does not require recharging or refueling. It does, however, need you to have an extension cable that will reach your work area.
  • Anti-vibration features You will want a chainsaw that does not vibrate a lot. Such chainsaws are more comfortable to work with and will not tire you as fast.
  • Spring-assist starting: This is going to help you reduce the force used to start the saw. This feature is quite important if you intend to get a gasoline-powered saw.
  • Automatic oiler: The oiler is used to lubricate the chain as it cuts wood. If the chain is adequately oiled, cutting will be efficient and much safer.
  • Chain brake: You should also look out for models that have an automatic chain brake. This helps to stop the saw when it hits something thats not normal. In some models, you have to activate the chain brake manually.
  • Low-kickback bars and chains: This feature helps to reduce the risk of the saw being accidentally forced up and back.
  • Tool-less chain adjustment This feature will allow you to change the tension of the chain quickly.
  • Air-cleaning function: This is essential for removing the air filter and removing large debris that might reach the filter
  • Carrying case: This case helps you transport the saw. The cases are designed to keep you safe as you move it around.

What is the safety equipment required when using a chainsaw?

  • Chaps or cut-resistant pants: These will ensure that your legs are well protected.
  • Hard hat: This will protect your head from falling debris, collision impact, and other flying objects.
  • Gloves: Get gloves that have an enhanced grip surface and are cut-resistant.
  • Goggles: These will keep your eyes safe from debris.
  • Earplugs
  • Boots with steel toes and non-skid soles

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