Chandeliers & Ceiling Fixtures

Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixtures

Adding ceiling lights and chandeliers gives your ceilings a focal point while adding light to your interior space. Chandeliers and ceiling lights with different finishes can pull a room together or give it the finishing touches you are missing. Like other types of lights, there are a variety of different styles and designs to choose from.

What types of chandeliers are there?

There are five main types of chandeliers to choose from:

  • Tiered: These chandeliers have at least two tiers to them, adding a sense of elegance and grandeur. These lighting fixtures work well for grand entryways and other large rooms.
  • Candelabra: These fixtures are styled to look like they hold candles. Some outdoor candelabras are capable of holding real candles while most indoor lighting systems hold fake candles.
  • Crystal: Crystal chandeliers can be particularly ornate though some have a smaller number of crystals. When paired with the right decor, the light can bounce off the crystals to create a unique effect.
  • Beaded: These chandeliers have been beaded, which can add a fun style to any room. Depending on the materials used, these lights can have a fancier feel or a more casual feel.
  • Reversible: These types of chandeliers can be hung right-side-up or upside-down depending on the style and look you are going for.
What other types of ceiling fixtures are there?

While chandeliers can add a fun or elegant touch, there are other lights that can be installed in the ceiling to illuminate a room. These types of lights include:

  • Flush mount lights: Flush mount lights are designed to hang flat against the ceiling so that they do not take up much head space.
  • Fluorescent lights: These lights can illuminate a home while saving the homeowner money as they take less energy to run.
  • Pendant lights: Like chandeliers, pendant lights hang from the ceiling but only have one single light source.
  • Recessed lighting: These lights are built into the ceiling, allowing them to provide inconspicuous ambient lighting.
  • Track lighting: These are lights mounted to a track. They are generally used as accent lighting or tasks lights.
What considerations should you make when looking for ceiling fixtures?

There are several considerations you should make when looking at ceiling lights and chandeliers:

  • Finish: The finish of your ceiling lights should match or complement your other interior design elements. Common finishes include copper, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, black iron, and polished or brushed nickel.
  • Dimmers: This feature allows you to adjust the light's brightness level depending on your needs.
  • Shades: Some pendent lights, chandeliers, and other ceiling lights are designed to have shades. These shades can be made from etched glass, rain glass, Tiffany-style glass, or even linen depending on the style and look you are going for.
  • Accessories: You can add additional flair to certain types of pendant lights, chandeliers, and other ceiling lighting by adding medallions to the bases.