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Chevrolet: Cars with the Bow Tie Emblem

Few marques have had the same impact on the American automobile industry as Chevrolet. From farm fields, to roads, and even race tracks, the bow tie emblem has been at the forefront of the auto industry for over a century. Browse eBays vast selection of Chevy cars and trucks for models of every make in new to certified pre-owned conditions.

Who Does Chevy Make Cars For?

Different companies target different groups of buyers and drivers, and every company has its specialty. For Chevy, that target is the majority of Americans. From SUVs to the Cruze, Chevrolet builds dependable and reliable vehicles that get the job done. While you can get a bare bones vehicle with few or no additional options, or another that is tricked out with almost every option imaginable, neither represents the core focus of Chevrolet. That focus is the middle ground, the one with the automotive options you need, but not necessarily all the extras.

What Are Some Models to Look For?

Farm and construction workers can look for a full-size pre-owned pickup truck like the Silverado 1500, families can look for a sedan, and commuters can look for a fuel-efficient Trax for those long drives to and from work. While older vehicles were all gas or Diesel, the present includes both pure electric and hybrids. With such a variety of vehicles, it can be hard to choose but a quick trip through history can show you some great examples:

  • Corvette: Often considered the greatest American sports car, the Vette features a V-8 up front and a fiberglass body for light weight. Introduced in 1953, it has gone through several generations with the 1963 split-window coupe being one of the most desirable.
  • Camaro: The direct competitor to the Mustang, this was a classic Chevrolet muscle car.
  • Chevelle: Visually related to the smaller Nova, this mid-size sedan line also included the Chevelle SS muscle car line with over four hundred horsepower in 1970.
  • Impala: Known for its three tail lights on each side, the Impala represented family transportation for a generation.
  • Bel Air: For many, this represents the ultimate fifties machine, a classic from the headlights to the tail fins.
The Chevrolet Truck Experience

From the 60s onward, the Chevy C-10, and its successor the Silverado, were the bow tie standard-bearers in the pickup truck wars. Drivers wanting more street performance without losing the ability to carry a load migrated towards the El Camino, while those looking for a big passenger vehicle could always shift towards the full-size Suburban. The company has always offered a vehicle to meet every need.

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