About Christmas Ornaments (Pre-1946)€

Nothing brings back memories like holidays past than with vintage Christmas ornaments; you can remember trends and tales of Christmas celebrations through your lifetime and your family's history. In the United States, people began rigging up evergreen trees to celebrate the holidays in the 1700s. Europeans started much earlier, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The first ornaments appeared in European churches, when clergy decided to dress up corner Christmas trees to make churches more welcoming and attractive for Christmas Eve services. Apples and wafers took the shape of the first ornaments, but pastries cut into the shapes of stars, flowers, angels, and hearts followed close behind. Today, you can find vintage Christmas ornaments in these shapes and more. The large inventory on eBay lets you narrow your search by many parameters, including year of production, distributor, region of origin, and more. Knowing you want a beautiful old-fashioned ornament, but are prone to dropping and breaking things, you might select a vintage plastic Christmas ornament. Or, to remember when ornaments came from small shops and artisans rather than mass manufacturers, you might select a vintage handmade Christmas ornament instead.