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Common Question About Cisco Enterprise Network Switches

A Cisco enterprise network switch forms the foundation of your local network: connecting printers, servers, computers, and other peripheral devices. Cisco designs three types of switches: smart, unmanaged, and managed. Although managed and smart switches include some security features, unmanaged switches, however, give you the utmost control over your network traffic with advanced security features. All three types are available on eBay.

What network security services do these switches offer?

Because it is not a good idea to assume that your local network is safe from threats, a reasonably priced Cisco enterprise network switch has enough inbuilt security features to ensure that you control your network traffic. Even if you have installed a firewall, anti-malware, and antivirus software, you can use efficient Cisco enterprise network switches to control the number of users that can connect to your local network and define the computing resources that they can use. Other security features include:

  • Access control lists: ACLs restrict specific areas of the network from being accessed by unauthorized users as well as protecting the network from threats.
  • Embedded security: The embedded security protects data and encrypts network communications that move in and out of the switch.
  • Virtual LANs: VLANs segment the network into different workgroups. This feature enables network administrators to create guest workgroups with limited access to the internet and to your network.
  • Port security: Port security controls access to the network by requiring authentication. This security feature authenticates MAC addresses on the port. Time-based IEEE 802.1X controls user access based on time, such as only during work hours.
Is a Cisco enterprise network switch easily scalable?

Cisco enterprise network switches are easily scalable and cost-effective. The well-designed Cisco enterprise network switches offer organizations an adaptive protection from threats through an advanced combination of software and firmware scalability. The state-of-the-art software and multiprocessor design of the device enable businesses to install more security features. As network security needs increase, enterprises can easily add more security conventions.

What features make Cisco enterprise network switches efficient?
  • Well-designed Cisco enterprise network switches are user-friendly. Network administrators can diagnose software and hardware problems with a Cisco Smart Call Home.
  • Cisco enterprise network switches can be used in demanding networks. Most switches can support speeds of 75 Mbps.
  • Cheaply priced Cisco switches have a modular architecture to enable simple extensibility and scalability.
  • The economic-friendly Cisco enterprise network switches have numerous built-in energy-saving features.
  • Cisco enterprise network switches feature high bandwidth communication capability without reducing switching performance.
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