Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies

A clean, sanitized work and public area is important to businesses in most every industry, and in many cases, it is vital to the safety and success of ventures where a sanitary, often sterile environment is most recognized (think of medical centres/hospitals, restaurants, and even fine hotel lobbies, to name but a few). Providing these pristine conditions are staff members employing the right equipment, using the appropriate cleaning supplies for each given task. The commercial cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and cleaning machine supplies these pros use can be used by homeowners as well, simply by finding out and obtaining the products they rely on.

Is there a residential machine for cleaning floor and carpet?

Boss Cleaning Equipment, with their Gloss Boss Mini Scrubber Polisher, is a machine ideal for home use. This lightweight machine is equipped with two microfiber pads for a hard floor, two wool pads for a wood floor, two nylon scrub brushes, and two wide-area carpet-cleaning bonnets. Switch out the buffer, and it can take out most stubborn spots and stains from carpet.

What is a floor burnisher?

A floor burnisher is a fancier name for a floor scrubber machine. This machine is heavier-duty in size, often seen in commercial applications, and is far superior than a traditional mop. This machine can either be operated by hand, or in some cases, the floor burnisher can be on a riding machine, a truly valued piece of janitorial equipment.

Are commercial mop buckets appropriate for home cleaning equipment?

There is no rule written that states that cleaning supplies, cleaning products, and cleaning equipment, if used in a commercial or industrial setting, for example, cannot be a part of a homeowner's janitorial supplies or janitorial equipment. In fact, if you see such equipment or cleaning supplies being used in these settings, the chances are that it's a reliable and trustworthy product.

Are shop rags useful supplies?

Yes, especially if you have to do a good amount of cleaning and scrubbing with a liquid cleaner or solvent. As many brands are industrial grade, they are specifically designed for industrial, cleaner, and janitorial use. Constructed to withstand many washes, for many custodians and others, it's a staple in the janitorial supplies closet.

Is pressure washing equipment practical to own?

As a piece of equipment around the home, a pressure washer can be used in a surprisingly large number of applications. They can make many projects quick, clean, easy, and much more accessible than other cleaning equipment, and can do many things other pieces of equipment simply can't do. They come in a wide variety of sizes and ranges in power, so even if you opt for a smaller model, you'll most likely find a lot of use for the equipment once you own it.