Coach Women's Handbags and Bags

Buying a bag by Coach is an important decision. The style, size, and model of your Coach bag need to be right for you. Buying a high-quality leather or cloth Coach bag means knowing what to look for.

What are some different types and styles of Coach bags?

Coach handbags come in a wide variety including adorable leather wallets and clutches, hobo bags, shoulder bags, casual crossbody satchels, and generous totes in cloth or leather. Coach bags come in classic leather, suede, pebble leather, canvas, and stylish metallics. Classic bags feature the iconic Coach signature.

Where can you wear different types of Coach bags?

Coach handbags are distinctive for their elegance and versatility. A bag by Coach can take you from a high-powered interview to casual Friday, or from a fun weekend with friends to a black-tie affair.

  • The Interview: A Coach satchel in pebble leather or a cross-grain leather tote purse in classic black -- big enough to hold important papers and a tablet -- is the kind of handbag that works ideally for an interview.
  • The Office: For normally dressy office days, the Coach signature leather satchel purse or cloth bag makes a confident statement. For carrying home lots of documents, the Coach crossbody messenger bag or generous leather or cloth tote is a great choice.
  • The Weekend: The ease of a Coach crossbody hobo bag, shoulder bag, or classic canvas tote purse carries everything you'll need for making the most of your weekend.
  • The Party: A Coach clutch bag is an ideal handbag to take out on that fun weekend fiesta. It's perfect for keeping your keys, cards, wallet and (of course) your lipstick and I.D. where you'll need them.

What qualities should you look for in a Coach bag?

A Coach purse is about attention to craft. In buying a new or previously-owned Coach leather bag, examine important details such as handbag stitching, lining, pockets, hardware, and closures.

  • Stitching: On a Coach handbag, stitching should be neat and precise, especially around corners of the purse. Watch for stitches to be the same size with no dangling threads.
  • Lining: Purse linings in all Coach handbags should be sturdy, clean, tear-free, and not torn or frayed at the corners. Coach purse linings are made for long use.
  • Pockets: Purse pockets should be sized to fit your phone, wallet, photographs, or larger items. Check to see that closed-pocket zippers do not catch on the lining.
  • Hardware and Closures: Turnlocks, zippers, rivets, and footrests should all be free of excessive wear, especially on the bottoms and around handle hardware. Even in a casual Coach tote, fold-over satchel, shoulder bag, or crossbody hobo bag, the closures should prevent your belongings from falling out too easily. Examine the purse closely for wear at the attachment points where buckles or handles are sewn to the body of the purse.