Precious metals are a solid investment choice for those looking to keep their money in something that retains its value in all markets. It's hard to ignore the beauty of a finely minted coin or bar too. Contemporary manufacturers, like Pamp Suisse refine and mint their own bullion for sale to the public. It is also possible to find specialty coins and bars produced by the US Mint or other the treasuries of other countries.

Bullion can be found on eBay in a variety of weights and styles. The most common are coins and small bars, but the occasional one kilogram bar pops up from time to time in the higher priced listings. It may be easier to purchase one ounce coins for investment purposes. These coins are usually .999 gold, silver, copper, or another metal. Coins can carry a high monetary value without being too heavy to carry or too expensive for the average collector. Bars are usually sold by the gram. These start at one gram or two point five grams and go up to as high as 100 grams for most investors.

Modern mints also produce gold and silver bullion with artistic designs stamped on the face of coins and bars which makes them more collectible. Hobbyists like to put together collections of certain series, like the Chinese Zodiac coins from Perth Mint. Each year they mint a one ounce gold coin featuring the current Zodiac sign. For instance, the 2016 coin honours the Year of the Monkey. There are twelve signs in the Chinese Zodiac, so collectors would have the goal of gathering all of the designs for one completed 12 year series.

Investors go to great lengths to preserve these designs and their bullion in mint condition with protective cases and certificates of authenticity. Since, these designs are sought after by collectors, those in excellent condition have a higher worth on the market. Good condition copper or silver bullion with a rare design can be more prized than a common gold coin. Pick out your favourite design or manufacturer to build a complete collection.