Antique Baby Cradles

With a newborn on the way, you want the nursery to be ready and waiting when the baby comes, so finding a special bassinet and baby cradle for their bed is at the top of the list. You'll find over 200 cradles for baby or a small child and assorted baby furniture for the nursery, such as handmade rocking chairs and bassinets. Many of these individual pieces are made of wood, some have metal accents, but whichever cradle you select, your baby will know they are loved.

How are a baby cradle and bassinet crib different?

A bassinet crib is typically made of wicker or plastic and has a hood over one end to protect the baby, which makes the bassinet easier to move. A baby cradle is more likely to be of wood construction and to be set on a rocker so the cradle can be rocked back and forth. Baby cradles and beds from the last century were always made to allow rocking, so the difference between the two is mainly aesthetic. Typically, a bassinette can be carried while a cradle is stationary.

An antique baby cradle from the early 1900s will have an authentic style, and it will be a cradle with a history. It may be ornate or simplistic depending on the piece, but an antique cradle for your baby will speak of yesteryear. Without a doubt, your newborn will quickly become head of the house and the bassinet, baby cradle, or crib that you select will become a central focus.

Both baby cradles and bassinets are fitting for an eclectic theme in your new baby's room. A handmade baby bed will make an impressive new start for your baby in their first room.

What are baby cradles made of?

The majority of heirloom cradles are made of white wood, varnished wood or handmade unfinished wood. Start by choosing the antique cradle, and then you can add other pieces.

Why should you start with the cradle for your newborn?

The first piece to find for your new baby is a handmade baby crib or bed for your newborn because it is the centre of the room. Babies sleep much of the time as infants, so you want to select the cradle or bassinet that is attractive, convenient, and comfortable for them. The rocking chair is for you, so find one that is comfortable and charming. You'll spend endless hours rocking your baby to sleep or simply spending special quiet time with your new addition to the family.