Collectible Beer Posters & Prints

Collectible Beer Posters and Prints

People search out collectible beer posters and prints to put on their walls to decorate a room. Others squirrel them away in albums as an investment or to protect them from fading or tearing. Besides posters and prints, additional breweriana available include commemorative cans, ashtrays, bottle caps, coasters, coolers, and more.

Can you find a beer poster from another country?

Yes. For example, you can search for a beer poster for countries that include Japan and Australia.

  • Brewers in Japan have produced beer poster prints for Sakura beer, Yebisu beer, and Kirin beer. You may find a vintage ad poster from 1921 showing an elephant standing on its hind legs with its trunk wrapped around a bottle of Sakura. A vintage ad poster for Yebisu beer shows a woman in a kimono relaxing on a table with a cluster of beer bottles on the table behind her. Another beer poster displays a more elegantly dressed woman relaxing with beer bottles in the background. These posters measure 34 inches by 36 inches.
  • There is a large collection of beer poster prints that never mention beer but includes vintage photographs of hotels and other licensed establishments dating back at least as far as 1910. These photos are in black and white.
What types of rare posters are available?

The Morning Advertiser, the United Kingdom's leading daily journal of the pub trade, announced that someone had discovered a series of rare, vintage tavern posters. In the early 1950s, the Brewer's Society commissioned a series of 20 posters that listed information on how ale is brewed. The posters promoted beers and pubs. Some of the titles of these works include, "Going Hopping," "The Guv'nor," and the "Welcome Inn." Another print displays a copy of the Morning Advertiser on its cover.

A series of 18 prints promoting Shepherd Neame, a brewery based in Kent, was found on the Isle of Sheppey when someone was clearing a house.

What are some of the different kinds of beer posters?

You might find a 17-inch metal sign with pictures of toucans, a bird made popular in ads and signs promoting Guinness stout. In 1975, Schlitz Malt Liquor produced a 16-inch by 17-inch lighted sign in blue and yellow. You might find Jimmy Buffet decals bearing the "Margaritaville" theme, which were designed to post on the rear or side windows of vehicles. In the sign collection, you also might come across an inflatable hanging seaplane shuttle bearing the Corona Palm Tree, a Budweiser clock, or a 25-inch Budweiser blimp for hanging in a man cave.

Are there beer posters that mention songs?

Yes. Among the titles are "Irish Drinking Songs," a "Christmas Canjo Songbook," and "The Alice Angel Song" ("Angel of the Stage," the "Bendy and the Ink Machine Song"). The Ham's Bear Clock was immortalized in the 1982 recording by David Frizzell, "I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home."