Collectible Cinnamoroll Anime Items

Cinnamoroll is a chubby white puppy with elongated ears and a curly tail that looks like a cinnamon roll. In the world of Sanrio Hello Kitty anime, this puppy offers life lessons and goes through adventures with other friends. A wide variety of toys feature this pup.

What are the features of Sanrio Cinnamoroll toys?

These toys come with the following features:

  • Long ears: Cinnamoroll plush dolls are known for their long ears. The ears feature pink fabric on the inside and off-white fur on the outside. The floppy elongated ears reach to the character's legs.
  • Plush fur: The Cinnamoroll plush has soft fur. It is made of polyester fabric, which is machine washable.
  • Face: Cinnamoroll plush dolls have rosy cheeks and big, blue eyes with a relaxed mouth expression in the shape a small smile.
What Sanrio items can be collected featuring Cinnamoroll?

The Hello Kitty world includes many Cinnamoroll doll accessories, including:

  • Clothing: Plush Cinnamoroll pups are available in a wide range of styles, and many of characters are outfitted with clothing or accessories, such as gingham shirts or aprons. These stuffed dolls feature embroidered facial features and soft fabric that is fuzzy in texture.
  • Decorative accessories: Cushions, pillows, keychains, lanyards, lamps, blankets, and desk sets are also available. These pastel Sanrio items sport the image of Cinnamoroll with different facial expressions, such as closed eyes on the sleeping pillows and blankets.
  • Plastic toy sets: Plastic toy sets are another way of collecting Sanrio characters. The sets feature small toys made of molded plastic. There are themed sets, such as treehouses from the anime films. They are designed for ages three years and older.
How can you display Cinnamoroll plush toys?

These stuffed animals are designed to be played with or displayed, depending on your preferences. The bottoms of the stuffed Sanrio animal characters are slightly under-stuffed, which allows them to sit flat on a shelf.

If you wish to keep the dust off of your Cinnamoroll plush, consider a transparent acrylic display case with a removable bottom. The plush can be positioned on the bottom of the case. Such cases typically offer protection against ultraviolet radiation, which could cause the fluffy fabric to fade. If you have other Sanrio dolls, such as Hello Kitty or Melody plush, the Cinnamoroll could be positioned alongside to recreate a favourite scene from one of the animated films.

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