Collectible Cross Ballpoint Pens

Because of its craftsmanship, quality, and durability, a Cross ballpoint pen can be used and stay in the family for decades. They are often highly sought after by collectors because of their ability to last. To keep them safe, these collectible pens are often sold with a decorated wooden box and are embossed with the Cross logo.

What finishes does Cross offer for their ballpoint pens?

Cross offers their collectible ballpoint pens in a variety of finishes, including solid colours, patterns, and metals. If you are a collector, you may be able to find Cross pens that have been customized by various companies and organizations. Examples of finishes that Cross offers include the following:

  • Luxury chrome
  • Classic black
  • 10-karat, 14-karat, or 18-karat gold filled and rolled
  • Sterling silver
  • Red, blue, green, or orange covered with lacquer
Do Cross pens come with a case or box?

As a collector's item, Cross pens often come with a case that is usually made of wood, and the boxes have quality hinges to open and close the lid. The outside of the collectible case features a Cross Pens emblem that is either engraved on the surface or printed on with high-quality ink.

If you purchase a single pen, it may come with its own small and thin case. Desk set pens and pencils may have their own larger case, which is neatly organized so you can easily view or use your collection. When you're not using your Cross pen or pencil collection, the manufacturer recommends storing the pens or pencils in the case that they were sold in to preserve the finish or ink.

How much does a Cross ballpoint pen weigh?

Cross ballpoint pens are lightweight and do not feel heavy in your hand while writing. The heaviest Cross ballpoint pen weighs about an ounce and the lightest about 0.25 ounce. Factors that affect the pen's weight are relative to the material it is created with.

Can you refill collectible Cross pens or pencils?

Yes, you can. Once you have a Cross pen or pencil, you may buy ink or lead refills. The ink refills often come in a variety of ball point styles like fine or medium, and they are available in different colours, such as red, black, and blue. If you have purchased a pen and pencil set, you may find different sizes of lead for the pencils as well.

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