Collectible Figurines

What you collect says much about your sense of style and what interests you. Whether they are angels made out of fine porcelain or Minions made of plastic, displaying your collections can add personality to the decor of your home. Be sure to buy what pleases you, even if they are porcelain angels or Minions.

What kinds of collectible figurines are offered?

Besides the above mentioned, you can choose from:

  • People
  • Animals
  • Characters from movies, television, and cartoons
  • Clowns
  • Houses
  • Fairies, unicorns, and mythological figures
  • Historical figures, such as kings, queens, founding fathers, Presidents of the United States, and their children
What materials are collectible figurines made of?

Materials include:

  • Resin - Sometimes the resin is used with other materials such as bronze.
  • Ceramics - These can be soft and hard paste porcelain, terra-cotta, fine bone china, or fired clay. Many ceramic figurines are hand-painted.
  • Swarovski crystals - These diamond-like crystals serve as accents for figurines made of glass or other material.
  • Metals - These are gold, bronze, brass, copper, tin, and pewter. Some figurines are made of recycled metal, including nails.
  • Wood - This includes driftwood.
  • Glass - Examples are colourful blown glass and crystal.
  • Fabric - Figurines can be made wholly out of plushy fabric, or the figurine can be made of another material but dressed in a miniature costume sewn from quality fabrics.
How do you show collectibles?

Arranging and rearranging your collectible figurines is one of the pleasures of homeownership. Unless they are very fragile, they can be blended into the decor of any room. Fragile pieces can be placed in a glass cabinet where people can easily see them.

One way to show your collectibles is to group them together by material. You can group all your porcelain, glass, resin, or metal figurines in a few places. You can even subdivide them. In that instance, bisque porcelain figurines are on one shelf of your display cabinet, bone china figurines are on the mantlepiece, pewter figurines are on another shelf in a display case, and brass figurines are on a side table. If you are the type of person who only collects deer figurines, no matter what they are made of, you may want to group them all in one place as well. How you show off your collection is up to you.

Take the size of your figurines into account. Little figurines are more interesting if they are grouped together at eye level, while larger ones are more interesting if they are displayed singly. The ideal position, especially for little figurines, is to display them at eye level while your guests are seated. Objects made of crystal or coloured glass are especially pleasing when they are placed in an area where light can shine through them. You may want to place these items on a glass tray or shelf in front of a sunny window or focus an accent light on them. Arranging your collectibles on glass shelves in front of mirrors also enhances their beauty.