Collectible Monchhichi Anime Items

Monchhichi dolls, also known as Monchichi dolls in the United States, are a line of cute toy monkeys. The Monchhichi name is derived from two Japanese words, which are "mon," meaning "mine," and "chhichi," meaning the sound of a baby's pacifier. These figures are meant to be loving companions of small children and, as the TV show and licenses associated with it expanded from Japan, the range of figurine choices also expanded.

What kinds of Monchhichi dolls are there?

Since Monchhichi doll production began in Tokyo in 1974, there has been a huge variety of Monchhichi lines. The original Monchhichis were simple doll-size boy and girl monkey models based on the previous notoriety of Kuta Kuta Monkey dolls made by the Sekiguchi Corporation. Since that original Monchhichi model, the range has expanded to 30 different models. These are some of the many versions you can find:

  • Drum Major Monchhichi: This little girl monkey holds a bright blue and yellow baton in order to lead a marching band of other Monchhichi.
  • Skier Monchhichi: Also known as Hot Dog, this male Monchhichi is dressed in a bright yellow ski suit with blue ski poles and deep red skis.
  • Baseball Pitcher Monchhichi: This Monchhichi is in midpitch, dressed in full Monchhichi-themed baseball attire and ready to throw a strike.
  • United States Editions: Since the spread of the figurines from Japan, the United States ran its own line in 1983 and continues to make some additions. These are usually extremely hard to find in Japan and some are even rare in the U.S. due to their age.
Are there any Monchhichi dolls from the TV show?

Several dolls have been made for all four Monchhichi television shows over the years. The 1980 "Monchhichi Twins" Japanese series was made to advertise the original line of dolls while the 1983 American "Monchichis" was for the American release. France had its own series to show off their version of the dolls in 2001 called "Kiki, le Kiki de tous les Kiki" while Japan rebooted their show in 2005, renaming it simply to "Monchhichi" to further promote the newer versions of the dolls.

What are Monchhichi dolls made out of?

All Monchhichi dolls are made of synthetic plushy materials, which are phthalin-free, attached to plastic hands and feet, plus a plastic face. Each doll also has a tag attached to it to let the owners know how it is safe to wash them, with the company recommending hand washing and drying without a dryer should the need arise.

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