Collectible Tenchi Muyo Anime Items

Tenchi Muyo is an expansive media franchise from Japan consisting of several manga, anime, movies, books, games, and much more. Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, and all of Tenchi Masaki's other friends from the Tenchi Universe have all been featured in collectible anime products through the years. There is a wealth of different items to collect from the series in its many forms.

Which mini-figures came with the Ryoko RPG?

The tabletop RPG, often called the Ryoko RPG, came with several mini-figures depicting different characters from the series to use during play. The following figures were part of the tabletop set:

  • Ryoko in her house dress
  • Ryo-Ohki in her cabbit form
  • Washu
  • Mihoshi
  • Princess Ayeka
Are the costumes worn by characters in early episodes available?

The early OVA anime episodes featured different costumes for the characters Tenchi, Ayeka, and Ryoko than what they were typically depicted wearing in later episodes of the series. These outfits are notable for not appearing outside of these early episodes. Fan-made and official costumes for these characters can be found, either as collector's pieces or to wear.

Which companies have made toys for the Tenchi Muyo anime?

Through the years, several different companies have been contracted to make toys, action figures, and other collectibles for the Tenchi Muyo anime. Among the many businesses who have had a hand in making Tenchi Muyo merchandise, a few notable companies include:

  • McFarlane Toys: Founded by Todd McFarlane, this toy line creates detailed action figures for different shows, games, and comics.
  • Palisades Toys: A now-defunct American toy manufacturer that produced many busts, statues, and figures for Tenchi Muyo and other series.
  • Headliners: An American toy brand, they are known for their small plastic figures with large heads. While they typically make sports memorabilia, they have also made three sets of three figures for Tenchi Muyo.
What nonfigure merchandise has been made for Tenchi Muyo?

In addition to action figures and statues, the series has had numerous different types of merchandise created for it. Items like mugs, key chains, puzzles, posters, pins, collectible coins, and trading cards are also available for the series. Additionally, many plush toys, especially those for Ryo-Ohki the cabbit, can also be found for the series.

As an older work of animation, individual cels can often be found on their own as well. Some cels are of key scenes in the show, while others depict the characters with various expressions or in a variety of situations. Some notable cels include stills from Ryoko's bathing suit scene and Sasami and Ayeka attending school. Some cels may come with the douga as well.

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