Colombia National Team Soccer Jerseys

From a country as well known for its coffee production as much as its political events, its not surprising the Colombia National Soccer team is also fondly known as Los Cafeteros. Their mens and womens national football teams are ranked highly in South America, and both have participated in World Cup and Olympic events. Colombia team kits that include clothing, shoes, and accessories are collectors' dreams. Their jerseys have sported different designs, colours, and sponsorship branding over the years.

What colours are the Colombia Team Jerseys?

The Colombian soccer team has used a range of colours in their jerseys over their sporting history. Many of the collectible jerseys represent colours and designs the team's employed since the 1990's when the production of replica shirts became popular with the public. Professional sports teams have first and second uniform colours. First or home jersey colours are the main uniform choice. Second, or away colours, are worn when players are competing with a team who wears similar colour combinations that may look similar on the field.

  • Yellow/Blue and Blue/White: The colour combination for mens and womens Colombian teams since around 2011 has mainly been yellow and blue. First colours are a yellow shirt with blue shoulder stripes, and second colours are a blue shirt with contrasting yellow stripes. Both include a Colombian sombrero within the stripes. Some jerseys also come in a blue/white combination.
  • Red/Yellow: Through the 80's and 90's, the Colombia team wore various designs of red or yellow shirts or an orange jersey with tricolour stripes.
  • White: Commemorative versions of white jerseys with blue and red detail that were worn by the 1940's team were again produced in 2016 team in the 1940's were again produced in 2016 celebrate a centennial tournament in the US.

What Sponsor Logos are on Colombia Soccer Jerseys?

International companies who have sponsored the Colombia National Football Team, and whose logos feature on jerseys include:

  • Adidas: German multinational Adidas has been Colombias kit sponsor since 2011, and also sponsored and produced gear in the mid and late 1980's.
  • Lotto: Italian sportswear makers Lotto provided sponsored kits between 2003 to 2010.
  • Reebok and Umbro: British founded companies Reebok and Umbro both sponsored gear in the 1990's.
  • Kelme, Puma and Le Coq Sportif: Other kit sponsors in the 1980's and early 1990's include Spanish manufacturers Kelmo, Germanys Puma and Frances Le Coq Sportif.

What other Features are on Colombia Football Jerseys?

There are a few other features to check out when youre buying a football jersey:

  • Name and Number: Replica jerseys often have the names and numbers of popular players and positions on them. James with the number 10 is popular for diehard soccer fans celebrating football legend James Rodriguez and his number 10 position.
  • Sizes and Cuts: You'll find Colombias football jerseys in both mens and womens fits, as well as unisex designs and childrens sizes from small to extra large.
  • Materials: Soccer jerseys usually use lightweight polyester that is durable but breathable.

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