Choosing a Comme des Garcons Men's Sweater

When you are looking for a designer label sweater, you want to know that what you are buying used quality fabrics and materials. You also want to know that you are going to look good, and feel good, in what you are buying. The ready to wear collections from this fashion house brand come in a range of styles from classic to quirky from a designer who bears all those qualities in mind.

What Are The Different Menswear Lines Of this Brand?

Apparel in the menswear lines from CDG uses the Homme Plus, Homme Deux, Shirt, and€Play labels. Pieces releasing under the Play line are easy to recognize with their logo: red and blue hearts and with big round black eyes. This is a brand that offers practical and wearable items but with a design and quality difference.€

  • Sweaters:€This brand started with the all-black-and-distressed and holes-all-over looks. Over the years, their sweater designs have expanded to include something to suit everybody. You will find sweaters with v-necks and crewnecks made from warm materials such as wool, or cool cotton. colours may be solid blocks, striped, checked, with Argyle diamonds, geometric patterns, or polka-dots.€
  • Cardigans:€Their button-up cardigans are for comfort, whether you are looking for a lightweight polyester or cotton cardigan for in-between seasons, or a cashmere or wool blend cardy for winter warmth and cuddle-ability! They offer both a look good and feel good kind of item.€
  • Sweatshirts and€T-Shirts:€The quality T-shirts and sweatshirts from this brand include classic colours such as grey, black and white sweats under their Play clothing line and athleisure gear. Their long sleeved and short sleeved shirt designs are breathable cotton and jersey knits.€

What Else Have They Released?

This Japanese designer label has been making clothing, apparel,€and accessories for men, and women, since the 1970's.

  • Womenswear:€The label's founder and designer Rei Kawakubo, began the label with women's clothing and these, along with her menswear feature on runways and in high-end stores. When translating from the French, Comme des Garcons means "like some boys."
  • Partnerships:€Often endorsed and worn by celebrities, over the years the brand has also partnered with global brands such as Converse, Levi's, Nike and Louis Vuitton with collections and designs.€
  • Accessories:€To keep your cash and cards safe and secure, their leather wallets, coin purses,€and pouches are in classic colours and bright neon and fluro€styles.€
  • Fragrance:€Their fragrances are unique in the perfumery world. Men and women can wear agendered or unisex fragrances.€

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