How to Buy Commercial Convection Ovens

Opening your own restaurant has been an exciting venture, but buying supplies has become overwhelming, so why not start with the basics and a commercial convection oven? These heavy-duty ovens are the cornerstone of any restaurant, and with an array of features and sizes available, they can help you to prepare food cooked to perfection.

What Are Some Types of Convection Ovens?

The main difference between a commercial restaurant oven and an oven that you use in your kitchen at home is fairly basic. Commercial convection ovens cook faster and the air inside gets hotter to provide even and thorough cooking, so meals are made faster than they are at home. Commercial ovens come in several types.

  • A full-size convection oven is large enough to cook multiple items at once. These double-deck ovens usually have two sets of shelves stacked atop each other with four shelves inside each compartment to allow four pans to fit into each section. Ideal for a bakery or restaurant that does a high volume of baking, these ovens are the industry standard.
  • A countertop option is a half-size design. A countertop convection oven sits on top of a counter and serves as a space-saving alternative to a full-size option. The single-deck design may have two or three shelves for cooking.
  • A microwave convection oven combines a microwave with a regular convection oven to give you the benefits of both types of ovens in one.

Which Brands Make Convection Ovens?

One way to select a convection oven is by brand, as there are many quality brands that make commercial ovens for restaurant and bakery use.€

  • Blodgett is a brand that creates full-size electric convection ovens for commercial use. These come with numerous features and in many models, such as the Mark V. It provides single ovens, double designs, and even stackable options.
  • You can choose Avantco convection ovens for countertop convection ovens that are half-size or even quarter-size for flexibility and portability in any commercial kitchen. These countertop versions may be smaller, but many countertop designs offer most of the same features as their larger full-size counterparts.
  • Moffat uses advanced cooking technology to create its line of Turbofan convection ovens that come in half-size and full-size options.€

What Are the Features of Convection Ovens?

Commercial ovens have many features to consider, so weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each brand and kind of oven carefully before you buy an oven for commercial use.

  • You can find both electric convection ovens and gas ovens. Choosing the right one is often a matter of personal preference and may affect the price of the oven as well.€
  • Manual controls allow you to effortlessly adjust the temperature of the oven, and a built-in timer lets you know when food is ready to remove from the convection device, so you don't leave a pan in for too long.
  • A draft hood provides venting for the appliance to allow heat and smoke to air out of the oven.