Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or catering business, you will need top-quality commercial kitchen equipment or restaurant equipment like the products offered by Vulcan-Hart and other premier brands. Even if you run a busy kitchen at home, some of this equipment may be of interest. Whether at home or at your business, this cooking equipment will keep things running smoothly.

What types of cooking and warming equipment are available?

Suppliers like Vulcan can offer a variety of cooking and warming equipment, including:

  • Deep fryers: These are available for cooks who need restaurant equipment to cook large amounts of French fries, beignets, and other foods. There are also large deep ones for turkeys. Accessories include baskets and tank covers.
  • Griddles: Though they can fit on the countertop, these commercial griddles are large enough to accommodate fairly large cuts of meat. Stand-alone grills made for the kitchen are also available.
  • Air fryers: Air fryers allow you to fry your favourite foods with little oil.
  • Rice cooker: These commercial rice cookers can cook as many as 60 cups of rice and keep the rice warm without it drying out.
  • Vulcan-Hart steamer ovens: Vulcan-Hart ovens use convection heating.
  • Propane gas ranges: These ranges have multiple burners and at least two ovens.
What sorts of food preparation equipment are available?

To prepare great quantities of food quickly, there's restaurant equipment like electric meat grinders with different blades and grinding plates to allow you to control how fine you want your meats. Band saw meat slicers allow you to prepare large cuts of meat, and sausage stuffers let you make dozens of sausages quickly, so you can handle any sized catering event without issue. There are slicers, cutters and choppers, mixers, prep tables, and cutting boards. Scales help you weigh the food correctly, and food processors come with a variety of discs to produce cuts of different sizes and shapes.

Is storage and handling equipment available?

Storing food safely is crucial, and you have a choice of racks and shelves, heated cabinets that keep hot foods at an even temperature, food storage containers, delivery bags for pizzas, spray bottles for oils, and covered, compartmentalized food trays.

Are there other kinds of commercial kitchen equipment available?

There is cleaning equipment such as deep sinks, industrial dishwashers that can hold and wash many plates at a time, faucets with detachable sprays, grease traps, and other waste disposal systems.

Other equipment available include:

  • Commercial microwave ovens
  • Grease guns
  • Thermostats and thermopiles
  • Natural gas tip and ring burners, and other heating elements
  • Dial knobs
  • Knife sharpeners
  • Gas pressure regulators
What types of kitchen tools and cookware are available?

Cookware and kitchen tools include foil and plastic wrap, wax paper squares to separate burger patties and other meats, heavy duty stock pots, and cutlery. Cutlery includes cleavers and chefs knives. Other items of cookware are mixing bowls, butcher paper, chafing dishes, frying pans, spatulas, grill presses, paper towels, and potato mashers.