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Compaq Laptops and Netbooks

Compaq notebooks are a versatile option for those who need to take their portable machines with them on the go. Traditionally known for its notebooks, Compaq has continued to offer machines with a variety of features. Whether you very specific requirements or you just need a machine that helps you get through the day, you might consider the different options from Compaq and find what you need.

What should you look for in a laptop or netbook?

Compaq laptops come in a variety of sizes and with different features. If you intend to use your laptop mainly as a work or school laptop or you want to be able to play games, the features that are important to you may make one option more favorable than another.

  • Choose a size: If you intend to take your laptop with you everywhere, a smaller more portable computer may be what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you intend to use the laptop as a desktop, a larger size may suffice. Compaq's laptops and netbooks range in size from smaller than 12 inches to 17 inches.
  • Choose your specs: Each Compaq computer comes with different specs that make them better for certain things over others. The CPU and processor provide the power while the RAM and hard drive provide the storage.
  • Choose a battery: If you are taking your netbook to work or class, a longer battery life may be important. If you are always going to be near an outlet, a shorter battery life may be just fine for you.
What do a computer's specs mean?

Different specs help your laptop run smoothly depending on the work you need it to do.

  • Processor: Some Intel Core processors that have a U in the name offer greater performance than those that have a Y in the name. These laptops achieve a higher benchmark score, and they can play games and are appropriate for work or school. Intel Xeon is the most powerful processor and is designed for video editing or 3D modeling. Intel Celeron and Intel Core 2 Duo are available in some Compaq models.
  • Storage: The RAM temporarily stores data and effects system performance in Compaq computers. The more RAM, the higher the laptop performance. The hard drive permanently stores data until you delete it. Compaq's laptops and netbooks offer from 1GB to 8GB of storage.
  • Display: The more pixels, the sharper the image. If you want to play games, you may want a higher screen resolution.
  • Graphics chip: An integrated graphics card is more than enough for those who mainly use their Compaq notebooks for writing documents. If you intend to play games, an AMD or Nvidia graphics card may be required.
  • Optical drives: Some Compaq models come with optical drives, or you could also add an external drive.
How do you find the Compaq model number?

Most Compaq computers have the serial number on a sticker on the bottom of the machine. Simply close the laptop and turn it over. In some cases, the sticker with this information may be found in the battery compartment.

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