Computer Graphics Tablets, Boards & Pens

Computer graphics tablets and boards are engineered with a unique technology that detects motions that can be implemented with a drawing pen or a stylus. When the pen glides over the housing, lines and other effects are transmitted to a program. These accessories can enhance design routines during complicated projects that involve accuracy and precision.

What product options are available?

Tablets are options for designers and artists who need computer graphics accessories or drawing tablets that can simplify general design routines. Many tablets are manufactured with a pen for design tasks and some pens feature pressure sensitivity in order to give greater variability with drawing tasks. Depending on the brand, a tablet may have a dedicated pen holder on the housing specifically for the pen. Many tablets are wide, which is beneficial because the increased space on the frame gives designers strategic opportunities to include large design elements without worrying about clutter.

Computer graphics boards that are made by various brands may include a stylus pen and a docking compartment. These accessories can be used during traditional design routines since the frame is taller. This product is usually larger than a tablet, so you can use hardware confidently throughout a mobile project.

What are the different brands?

Some examples of brands that make design products are Wacom Intuos, Digipro, Genius, Huion, and Solid Tek. Each of these brands and many other reputable product manufacturers include helpful tools to make the graphic tablets unique. For example, tablets that are designed by Huion with hardware that gives a user an enhanced grip for drawing. Among many of the top brands, you'll find boards and tablets that come in a variety of panel sizes. If you need a table that can fit in a bag, a 12-inch product is worth considering. Larger products give users more opportunities to design multiple elements, as a typical panel on a big board is 22 inches.

What are the connectivity options and technical features?

Wired graphic tablets are options for designers who typically tackle traditional projects in general office environments. These gadgets are built with lengthy cords and sometimes offer USB connections, so the process of implementing design procedures in a cluttered space isn't challenging. Because the housing on each cord is thick and durable, the protective material can help to prevent fraying and breakage.

Wireless gadgets are built with technology that can detect a wireless signal. Bluetooth gives these products the ability to operate without the use of wires or cords.