Computer Mice, Trackballs, and Touchpads

All computers today come with a wired or wireless mouse along with the keyboard, some of which plug into a USB port. You can also connect a wireless computer mouse, wireless keyboard, or a Bluetooth trackpad to a laptop or a computer via their Bluetooth connections in addition to those that connect to the USB port. Laptops and MacBooks have trackpads and connect to external keyboards and trackpads, but the wireless Magic Trackpad and the wireless Magic Trackpad 2 are some of the options you could use instead of a mouse.

How does the Logitech wireless mouse operate?

The Logitech wireless mouse operates via an RF module. Each Logitech mouse has a built-in transmitter and comes with a USB radio receiver that plugs into a computer desktop or laptop USB port. The signal from the Logitech transmitter is recognized by the computer's USB interface, allowing the computer to interpret the moves made by the Logitech mouse.

Trackballs have roller sensors built inside the mouse. These roller sensors are calibrated to read the X and Y axis moved on each ball. The sensors detect the degrees rotated, which in turn enables scrolling. Rolling the ball with the thumb, fingers, or palm of the hand moves the pointer.

What features does a computer mouse have?

The following features allow you to move the cursor and select objects on your computer using the mouse:

  • Adjustable DPI: The DPI switch on the mouse permits you to adjust the mouse's sensitivity. Slow or fast sensitivity determines how quickly you can gesture to select and move the pointer and how quick clicks made on the mouse will register with the computer. A slower mouse allows you to edit or draw precisely, while a faster mouse allows you to select, copy, and paste items on your desktop with your mouse more rapidly.
  • Ergonomic: Ergonomic mice are designed to help reduce muscle strain and decrease discomfort from working at the computer for long hours and moving the mouse repetitively.
  • LED lighting: An optical mouse uses bright LED light to track the movement of gestures made by your mouse on the computer desktop.
  • ON/OFF switches: The ON/OFF switches for a computer mouse are typically found on the base of the mouse.
  • Programmable buttons: Some programmable buttons on a mouse allow wireless connection, while other programmable buttons let you select what actions happen or gestures are read when you click that button on your mouse.
What are wireless trackpads?

A wireless trackpad is an alternative device to the typical mouse. A trackpad is a touchpad panel that senses the movement of the user's finger. Most touchpads are built on laptops. Wireless trackpads are sold separately and operate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The Magic Trackpad and the Magic Trackpad 2 from Apple are multi-touch trackpads. The Magic Trackpad and Magic Trackpad 2 come in a variety of sizes to allow the user to select according to their need. Moreover, the wireless Magic Trackpad and Magic Trackpad 2 work with a stylus or digital pen that can be pressed on the pad surface to draw. Both the wireless Magic Trackpad and Magic Trackpad 2 were designed to recognize the handwriting interface.

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