Computer Power Cables & Connectors

Computer Power Cables and Connectors

A power cable gives electrical power to the computer by connecting the machine to available power outlets. A cord can also link together monitors, printers, and other units. When you know what power cables and connectors you need, your machine will be in good working shape.

What is the difference between DC and AC power adapters?

The fundamental difference between AC and DC is the direction of the power's current. DC (Direct Current) is when the electric charge moves in a single direction. However, with AC (Alternating Current), there is a periodic change in the electricity's path.

What is the purpose of the PSU?

The power supply unit, also known as the PSU, is a component that converts the alternating current into a continuous flow of direct power as either AC or DC. It also controls the amount of voltage in order to prevent overheating.

What is the effect of an insufficient power supply?

The power supply is a crucial factor in the operation and performance of your computer. In most cases, it regulates the powering on of your machine and possibly its full functionality. A sign of insufficiency with your system's power supply is operational spasms and instability with continued use of the equipment, like the system frequently crashing when attempting to perform a simple computation. To not further agitate the system's weakness, avoid doing any upgrades. Your machine may not be able to meet the additional requirements of the new elements.

What is the purpose of peripheral cables and devices?

Also referred to as an auxiliary device, a peripheral is an output or input hardware component that provides extra functionality for the system as an enhancement while using it. The cables connect some of the following:

  • projector
  • mouse
  • speakers
  • keyboard
  • monitor
  • sound card
  • joystick
What purpose does the Molex cable serve?

The Molex power connector is a cable that attaches your drives and hardware inside the system with the power supply. Practically all of the units within your machine makes use of a Molex connector. Examples include your equipment's video card, hard drive, and Blu-ray, CD-ROM, or DVD.

What are different kinds of computer power cords?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) are two industry groups that have set standards for electrical products.

  • NEMA 1-15-P  2-prong plug
  • 5-15-P  3-prong plug
  • IEC 320 C7 (polarized)  squared end on one overmold of socket
  • 320 C7 (non-polarized)  two-prong connector with rounded prongs
  • 320 C5  three round prongs that resemble a silhouette of Disney's Mickey Mouse
  • 320 C13/C14  three-prong connectors with fitted socket and pin contacts
How many pins does the ATX-style connector have now?

With the latest motherboard forms of ATX, the power supply connectors now have 24 pins. However, you can still use the 24-pin connector on a motherboard with 20 pins.

The SATA power cable connects to the power supply with 15 pins. The data cable transmits information between the motherboard and the drive using seven pins.