What to Look for from Live Music

Recorded music is everywhere you go, from cars to malls and elevators. Its become totally ubiquitous in modern society. Where your ancestors may have only heard music occasionally because they had to actually be in earshot of the performers, now its as if every human life can have a soundtrack. Concert tickets are not just your window into the past, though. They are a gateway to an entirely different way of experiencing music. 

How Different are Live and Recorded Music?

So the question comes up of just how different is live music from recorded music? One thing to remember is that its more than just the sound, its also the experience. Still, there are a few technical differences that you may want to remember when considering whether to buy a music CD or splurge on tickets to the latest concert. In fact, the two kinds of music, and the two experiences can be very different indeed: 

  • Live: When you listen to live music, its all one take. You share the experience with everyone else at the venue and you hear the music as its produced. Its not going to be perfect, but its going to be unique. No two performances are ever identical and many people attend as much for the memories as they do for the music. 
  • Recorded: Recordings are a completely different beast; most are assembled from multiple independent tracks and produce a version of the performance that can never be heard live. Its technically better, but some people feel that it may lack soul. 

Where Can You Enjoy Live Music?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to enjoy live music by simply going downtown and listening to a busker playing an acoustic guitar. For others, there are the options of going to concerts, festivals, or even shows. Each offers a different way to enjoy the experience and build memories to last a lifetime.  

  • Concerts: Most concerts feature a single headline act and an opener; you spend an afternoon or an evening focused on the music of a particular act. Some may be indoors, while others may be outside in the weather. 
  • Festivals: Most festivals are all day or even all weekend outdoor affairs. You get to hear a lot of different acts, though they often perform fairly short sets.  
  • Shows: Shows, especially Broadway shows, are an entirely different experience again. Held indoors at night, they use music to tell a story. 

How to Enjoy the Experience

Enjoying the experience involves more than just showing up at the door and stocking up on music memorabilia. You want to also do some research about the venue so you know what youre getting into. For example, Wolf Trap allows people to bring their own food and beverages to concerts, while other venues may have strict rules against any outside food or drink. For outdoor venues, you want to make sure to have plenty of sunscreen and water, especially in summer.