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Consumer Electronics

eBay is your one-stop shop for a massive variety of consumer electronics. Whether you're looking for a nifty smartphone or hunting for some vintage tech, eBay sellers have the items you need at good prices. Here is just a taste of what awaits you.

Build the Ultimate Home Entertainment System

Consumer electronics are meant to make your life easier and more comfortable, and that process begins at home. With eBay's selection of TV video and audio electronics, you can turn your home into an entertainment paradise.

Discover a wide variety of LED and QLED smart TVs for sale that display images and video in 4K, 4K UHD, and even breathtaking 8K. TVs come in all shapes and sizes, with screens measuring from 24 inches to 65 inches across.

On the home audio side of things, eBay offers speakers, subwoofers, AV receivers, and even equalizers, giving you the ability to calibrate your home theater audio setup to perfection. If you're a media aficionado, you can find CD, DVD and Blu-ray players and recorders. eBay vendors even sell hard-to-find universal media players that can handle all these different formats. If you want the full movie theater experience at home, you can even buy projectors from brands like Epson, Vankyo, and Hisense. Wireless media streaming devices from Google, Roku, Sling, and other brands are also available.

Entertainment System
Work and Connect With Style

Work and Connect With Style

eBay also carries a wide selection of electronics geared towards work and communication that help you work on the road or from a home office effectively. Here, you can browse affordable laptops and tablets, a variety of cellphones and accessories, and home office staples like printers and copiers. There are deals available in every category, from basic models to high-end electronics loaded with features.

eBay sellers offer a wide assortment of smartphones from fan favorites like Apple and Samsung, along with associated accessories specifically designed to work with those phones. Smartwatches and wireless chargers are plentiful and decorative phone cases can be found in nearly any color or style. These phones can also be used with smart home hubs that let you control all your home's smart devices, like smart security cameras and household thermostats. Browse our collection for consumer electronics that are stylish, practical, and useful.

Capture VR in the Palm of Your Hand

Capture VR in the Palm of Your Hand

Virtual reality has many people excited. eBay offers smart glasses, video glasses, and VR headsets from brands like Google and Oculus. Sellers have both PC and smartphone VR headsets. In addition to these, you can find VR accessories like headset cases, link cables, and swivel chairs.

Consumer Electronics for the Road

Moving from the confines of the home, cars have gradually become integrated with computers over the years, and drivers increasingly make use of electronics while on the road. Accordingly, eBay has the car electronics you need to make each trip smoother.

Most cars made in recent years already come with GPS systems and in-dash displays, but what if you have a classic car that's just too cool to let go of? eBay can give you the tools you need to bring your classic into the modern world without sacrificing that vintage style. Look for car GPS units from brands like Garmin, that come preloaded with up-to-date maps.

For all you handymen and tinkerers out there, eBay offers electronic car accessories like device chargers, adaptors, and port retention cables. In-dash CD players or Bluetooth units are great if you want your older car to play more than 8-track tapes. Of course, all these things are just as useful for newer cars whose electronic equipment no longer works.

eBay can help you supercharge your car's audio system just like it can supercharge your home audio setup. For that, there are car subwoofers, speakers and speaker systems, and even amplifiers that let you crank up your favorite tunes while you drive. If driving off-road or in harsh weather is your thing, you can find marine audio receivers that pick up radio signals under tough conditions. Since security is paramount, eBay has sellers that can bring you electronic and keyless entry car alarms and car alarm remotes.

Consumer Electronics
Record Player

The Golden Oldies

The consumer electronics industry advances all the time, cranking out innovative gadgets for us to enjoy. Sometimes, though, they just don't make them like they used to. eBay can help you track down all the vintage tech your heart desires.

Do you have a vast vinyl collection that you want to revisit? Audiophiles have recently brought vinyl back into style, swearing by the warmth and organic quality of analog recordings. The same goes for 8-track tapes. Do you have a collection of old home movies on VHS that you'd like to watch again? eBay vendors sell many vintage turntables, record players, tape decks, and VCRs from classic brands. You can also find tube radios and vintage TVs from iconic brands like RCA. And for the real electronics hobbyist, there are even vacuum tubes and other electronics to help you build your own piece of vintage tech from scratch.

Duracell Batteries

Keep the Juice Flowing

If you're wondering how to power it all, eBay has you covered with everything from AA and AAA batteries to phone chargers and portable generators. You can also find large, rechargeable lithium and AGM batteries ranging in voltage from 12.8 to 51.2V. Solar power stations, coin batteries, and other kinds of power devices will ensure that you always have plenty of juice.

Find All the Deals in Consumer Electronics on eBay

The inventory mentioned so far only scratches the surface of what awaits you in eBay's consumer electronics listings. Many items are brand-new, and you can also find lots of used items in excellent condition. Many older and vintage items have been carefully refurbished. No matter what kind of consumer electronics you're on the hunt for, it's easy to shop at eBay and to find what you need.