Vintage and Contemporary Porcelain Clown Dolls

Collectors who love clowns might enjoy acquiring antique or contemporary porcelain clown dolls, which come in many styles. Usually, these figurines have cloth bodies with porcelain heads. They sometimes come in collectible boxes or include wind-up music boxes inside their bodies, with vintage and contemporary styles available.

What is bisque porcelain?

Bisque porcelain or bisque is a type of porcelain that has no glaze. It has a matte look and texture. Some have likened this texture and appearance to marble, creating a look similar to that of ancient statues.

Both vintage and contemporary bisque dolls are common, and depending on the manufacturer, may come as singles or in set. Many of these types of dolls are collectible, in which case, collectors will want to keep the original boxes to retain the pieces' value.

What are some of the types of porcelain clowns available?
  • Harlequins: Some clown dolls feature the costume and face paint styles of harlequins. These dolls, which can be vintage, antique or contemporary, have two-toned suits that usually contrast light and dark hues. The painted faces are simple in terms of design. They usually just feature a few black lines on a white face. Often the hair is painted on. Harlequins may be boy or girl dolls.
  • Rodeo clowns: These clowns have brightly coloured faces. They have curly hair which is often red, and outfits in different colours of the rainbow. Collectors will find both vintage and contemporary ones.
  • Jester: These dolls are both vintage and modern as well. They look like the court jesters of old and wear jester costumes with pointed hats. The paint patterns on their faces are different from those of the rodeo or harlequin clowns. These figurines capture the essence of the court jester. They also mimic the look of the revelers at events like Mardi Gras or Carnivale.
  • Character dolls: Characters like Raggedy Ann and Andy have sometimes been made into porcelain dolls. These bear the markings of the cloth characters but have faces of painted ceramic. They can also be vintage, antique, or contemporary clown dolls.
Do the clown dolls come in a collection?

Sometimes they do. For example, Raggedy Ann and Andy would be part of a collection. Other ones may come in sets in the same box, which could be a type of collection. Certain types of figurines, though not a formal set, can be made into a type of set or collection. For example, a series of harlequins dolls due to their similar colours and patterns might look like a set.