Be a Gamer: Understanding Video Games

Video games have both educational and entertainment potential.

There are games designed specifically to solve a certain problem or teach a specific skill. There are numerous reports about video games being beneficial to our brains along with other benefits. They are motivating, interactive, engaging, and provide rewards and reinforcement to improve.

In this article, you will learn basic terms about video games and their benefits.

What does NES Classic mean?

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic edition is a miniaturized version of the original NES, which was released in 1985. All you need to do is plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick the grey controller, and you will rediscover the fantasy of NES games.

Is it possible to play cartridges in the NES Classic Edition?

NES Classic does not play in the existing Nintendo cartridges. Even though the system looks similar to the original NES hardware, it can only play 30 games saved in system memory. It does not allow you to add more games in future or insert NES cartridges. The feature makes NES Classic a system of its kind.

Will you play NES games on Super Nintendo?

It is not possible. The SNES cannot play NES games because the connection is not similar. In addition, the system does not have inbuilt functions to play the games. But you can find devices such as FC Twin which uses SNES controls and also has a slot for SNES games.

How do you connect an original Nintendo to a new TV?

All you need to do is connect your single RCA cable from the console to the box, then connect the coaxial cable from the box into the cable or antennae point at the back of your TV.

When you are using it, switch the box to "game," switch to the TC/Cable input manually, and do not let your TV auto-tune its way to a signal.

What is the Contra game about?

Nintendo Entertainment System in North America released the Contra game in 1988. It was an in-house production by Konami. It features several differences from the original release to better suit the NES's hardware.

How many levels can you find in the original Contra?

The MSX2 Contra consists of 19 stages. The first nine are based on the original version, while the following 10 stages are new to the version and set entirely underground.

Why are video games good for your health?

There is evidence that benefits of playing video games go far beyond entertainment and improving your eye coordination.

Here are some of the benefits you should expect.

  • Improve your vision
  • Help you overcome dyslexia
  • Encourage leadership traits that are essential in boosting your career.
  • Promote whole-body interaction
  • Slows the aging process
  • Helps ease pain
  • Helps you make faster decisions
  • Reduces your stress levels
  • Helps in addressing autism.

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