When upgrading your kitchen appliances or replacing your range, you may want to consider installing a gas cooktop or an electric cooktop. Replacing a freestanding range with a built-in cooktop and coordinating wall oven will clear floor space in your kitchen, giving it a more open appearance. A built-in cooktop can streamline the look of your kitchen

What are the different types of cooktops?

There are several types of cooktops to choose from. Whether you choose a gas cooktop or electric cooktop will be determined by your cooking preferences. If you already have gas appliances, you may choose to cook with either a gas or electric cooktop.

  • Gas Cooktop: A gas cooktop gives you control over the over the cooking temperature. The burners heat instantly, and the heat will decrease instantly with the turn of a control knob.
  • Electric Coil: A standard electric cooktop has heating elements that are easy to replace.
  • Electric Radiant:(smooth top) With an electric radiant cooktop, the heating elements are enclosed with the glass top. This style heats evenly as the burner stays level.
  • Induction: An induction cooktop uses magnetic energy to heat the pan rather than the surface of the range. This style will get hot and cool quickly. You will need to cook in pans that are magnetic with this type of cooktop.
  • Portable:A Portable unit can be used in your kitchen when you need additional surfaces to cook on. It also may be used in an apartment when a freestanding range or built-in is not practical.
What size cooktops are there?

Manufacturers typically offer these electric cooktops and gas cooktops in 30-inch or 36-inch widths. The size of the cut-out needed for installation may vary, so it is important to check for the required cutout dimensions in the installation guide. If you are installing a cooktop to replace an existing model, you may be able to install a larger unit by cutting a larger opening .

Can you use regular pans on an induction cooktop?

On an induction cooking surface, you will need to use magnetic pans. In general, stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron pans are necessary. If you can stick a magnet to the bottom of your pan, it will work with induction. Induction technology relies on magnetic energy to make the pan hot.

How should you clean your stainless steel appliances?

It is often recommended to use a product specifically made for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. If you have never applied polish to your stainless-steel appliance, you may be able to simply wash the stainless steel with warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Then shine the stainless steel with a soft cotton cloth. There are other substances you can use to clean stainless steel, such as:

  • White vinegar and olive oil
  • WD-40
  • Lemon-oil furniture polish
  • Seltzer water
Does a gas cooktop does require electricity to operate?

Most gas cooktops are equipped with electric burner ignition, so it is wired to the electrical current.