Cooling Fans & Kits for Honda Accord

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Honda Accord Fans and Kits

The Honda Accord’s cooling fans work to keep its engine and air conditioning temperatures at their optimal levels. When one of the fans fails, it can impact either of these vital functions of your car. You can find a variety of replacement Honda Accord fans and kits to meet your needs.

How do Honda Accord’s radiator and condenser fans work?

The Honda Accord is equipped with two cooling fans. One fan runs when the motor temperature rises above its normal range. It forces air through the radiator and cools the hot antifreeze running through it. The antifreeze then circulates through the engine and carries more heat away from it. This continuous circulation keeps the engine’s temperature under control.

The condenser fan in your Honda Accord functions the same way when the air conditioner is turned on, cooling the heated refrigerant that circulates through the condenser. The cold refrigerant then produces cool air when it flows through the evaporator, which cools the cabin.

Should the Honda’s cooling fans cycle on and off constantly?

Under normal conditions, both cooling fans will turn on and run until the temperature they are controlling returns to a normal level, then turn off and wait for the temperature to rise. The Hondas condenser fan, however, will run only when the air conditioner is running. Because the Honda Accord has a cooling fan dedicated to the radiator and another dedicated to the condenser, sometimes it’s not necessary for them to run continuously.

When should you replace the Honda Accord’s cooling fan?

It’s probably time to replace your Honda Accord’s cooling fan if you see any of the issues below with the parts:

  • Jammed fan blades: It’s possible that the fan blades are physically incapable of turning if damaged or obstructed by a foreign object like a loose cable.
  • Thermostat fault: The cooling fans are turned on and off based on the temperature readings obtained from the motor and air conditioner thermostats. If either of the thermostats fail, the corresponding cooling fan won’t run properly.
  • Electrical fault: A common issue is an electrical fault somewhere between the Accords cooling fan and its power source and controlling circuit. If it loses power or ground, the fan will stop running. Loose connections can cause it to work intermittently.
  • Faulty motor: Another common reason is that the fan’s motor has failed, either mechanically or electrically, and needs replacement.
What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning cooling fan?

In a Honda Accord, these symptoms indicate you have a malfunctioning cooling fan:

  • Overheating: If the radiator fan fails or works incorrectly, you will notice the Honda Accord’s motor temperature rising too high or unpredictably. If it fails completely, you may experience overheating that causes the car to stall.
  • Check engine light: If the motor’s computer senses a problem with the Accords cooling fans, or overheating problems in general, the check engine light will turn on.
  • Weak air conditioning: The air conditioner’s performance will be impacted if the condenser fan fails or malfunctions. You’ll notice the A/C in your Honda Accord doesn’t produce cool air like it should.