Cooling Fans & Kits for Honda Civic

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Fan Kits for Honda Civic

The cooling fan plays an important part in the Honda Civic’s cooling and air conditioning systems. When it fails, you and your car’s engine can have a tough time staying cool. Fans and fan kits for a Honda Civic can be found that will meet the cooling needs of your vehicle.

What does the Honda Civic’s cooling fan do?

The cooling fan is located in front of the Civic’s motor, putting it into position to force air through the radiator and A/C condenser unit. The fan is controlled by a thermostat switch on the radiator. When it runs, it plays a double role, cooling both the antifreeze flowing through the radiator and the refrigerant flowing through the condenser. In this way, the fan works to keep the engine cool and to provide cool air to the cars cabin.

What can cause a Honda Civics cooling fan to malfunction?

Various issues can cause the cooling fan in your Honda Civic to stop working. Possible causes include:

  • Fan blade obstruction - If the blades are bent or jammed by a foreign object, the fan won’t be able to spin.
  • Thermostat - The cooling fan is turned on and off by a thermostat switch that detects when the radiator or condenser needs air flow to cool it off. If this switch fails, the cooling fan may run at the wrong times or not at all.
  • Electrical fault - Broken wiring, loose connections, or blown fuses can disable the fan motor and render the fan inoperable. The fans motor can also burn out.
What are the symptoms of a failing cooling fan?

Signs that your cooling fan might be failing include:

  • Overheating - The Civic may overheat, especially when driving in slow-moving traffic, if the cooling fan is not working.
  • Check engine light - A high temperature reading or a failed sensor could trigger this warning light.
  • Weak air conditioning - Because the cooling fan also provides heat dissipation to the A/C, the air conditioner may not work if the fan isn’t running.
Can you test the functioning of a Honda fan’s motor?

When it’s difficult to diagnose the problem, you can eliminate the fan’s motor by testing it with a power supply outside of the car. First, take the cooling fan assembly out of the Civic and place it on a workbench. Then follow these steps to test the motor:

  • Locate a pair of test wires with alligator clips and a 12-volt power supply.
  • Clip the test wires onto the power supplys positive and negative posts.
  • Determine which pins on the fan’s electrical connector are the positive and ground for the motor. Hook up or touch the test wires to the appropriate pins.
  • If the motor starts up, then it’s still good. If it doesn’t, then it needs to be replaced with a new fan or fan kit.