Countertop Mixers

Countertop mixers are time-saving appliances for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. They help bakers achieve the right texture and consistency for cookie batches, and they help cooks make everything from meatballs to butter. Mixers come with a variety of helpful features, ensuring that everyone can find one that suits their culinary needs.

What is the difference between hand mixers and stand mixers?

There are two main types of mixers: hand mixers and stand mixers. Electric hand mixers do not have a stand. Instead, you hold the mixers in place when in use. For people with limited countertop space, hand mixers are often a good option as they can be placed in a drawer when they're not in use.

Stand mixers are a heavy-duty kitchen appliance. They consist of a stand, a large mixing bowl, and a mixer. Many of these countertop options come with myriad attachments, which makes them suited to mix everything from sauce to dough. They are also stationary, which mean these stand mixers can mix things without any guidance. These mixers are relatively large.

What features do stand mixers usually have?

Stand mixers come with a number of great features designed to expand functionality. They include:

  • Speed settings: All types of electric mixers come with multiple speed settings. Many hand options have three speeds while stand mixers may have as many as 16. The slowest setting is designed for bakers to mix powdery ingredients like flour without making a mess. The wide range of settings allows for wide culinary experimentation.
  • Locking power heads: This setting keeps the beaters from knocking into the bowl when they are weighted with batter. It is especially important for bakers who intend to make heavy doughs.
  • Timer: Some counter stand mixers come with timers, allowing users to set the duration of the mixing.
What attachments do stand mixers come with?

Countertop models come with a number of standard attachments, including:

  • Dough hook: These c-shaped hooks are used to knead dough.
  • Flat beater: These versatile beaters are a frequently used attachment as they can be used to mix everything from mashed potatoes to cookie dough.
  • Wire whip: These whips, also known as balloon whisks, are used to whip cream and meringues.
  • Pasta roller: This helps cooks to cleanly cut pasta dough.
  • Grain mill: Grain mills are used to create fresh made flours from oats, wheat, and other grains.