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Jeep Wrangler Car Covers

When your Jeep Wrangler is parked, its paint job is exposed to a variety of hazards. Whether you park in a well-maintained garage or on the street, a Jeep Wrangler car covers can help you protect your Jeeps exterior. Consider what type of automobile cover you need to preserve the look of your Wrangler.

What protection do outdoor Jeep Wrangler car covers provide?

Severe weather isnt the only threat to your cars exterior.

  • Precipitation: Outdoor covers protect your Jeep Wrangler from a host of weather-related damage. Rain, snow, sleet, and ice can pound your cars exterior, causing dents and damage to your paint job. Excessive exposure to moisture can also lead to a buildup of mineral and salt deposits. Ultimately, your uncovered Jeep Wrangler will be more susceptible to rust and corrosion.
  • Sun: Jeep Wrangler outdoor car covers offer protection from sun damage, resulting from long-term exposure to heat and UV rays, which can fade your cars paint. Also, if left uncovered, your Jeeps interior is more vulnerable to heat damage. Over time, leather, vinyl, and plastic parts and accessories can warp and crack as a result of their constant exposure to extreme heat. Some car covers are specially designed to keep inside car temperatures low, which helps prevent damage to your Jeeps accessories and seats.
  • The natural world: If you regularly park your Jeep outside, take note of things in your environment that can affect your vehicle. Your Wranglers exterior can be dirtied or damaged by bird droppings, falling foliage, tree sap, cats, and other critters. A cover that fits your Jeep can help keep your Wranglers exterior clean and reduce the risk of external damage.
  • Theft: Jeep Wrangler covers offer a degree of theft protection. Simply put, thieves dont want the added hassle of dealing with a cover, so your car and your cars contents are less likely to be a target for theft.
What are some important Jeep car cover features?

The type of cover you select for your Jeep Wrangler may depend on where and for how long you plan on parking it.

  • Protection from rain, snow, and sleet: For protection from wet weather conditions, look for a Jeep Wrangler cover with multiple layers of woven microfiber as these densely-woven fabrics cause water to bead on the surface. At the same time, such fabrics are breathable, allowing air to circulate, which prevents a buildup of moisture under the cover.
  • Protection from dings and dents: Some covers offer as many as five layers of fabric. This extra padding offers protection from falling objects.
  • For protection from the extreme heat: Jeep owners residing in hot climates require protection from intense sun exposure. Heat-resistant covers boast an aluminized polyurethane acrylic coating that reflects the suns ultraviolet rays.
Are Jeep Wrangler covers washable?

Car covers should be washed regularly. You should check your manufacturers instructions for specific washing guidelines. While heavier and bulkier styles may need to be washed in a commercial washing machine, some thinner, lighter covers can be machine washed at home. Some manufacturers also suggest using a hose to wash the cover while it is still on the car.