Cross Stitch Kits

Cross Stitch Kits

Cross stitch has been around since the time that young ladies learned to sew at their mother's knees. Usually, stitchers make wall-hangings, but many different types of projects can be completed by following cross stitch patterns. The stitch is normally done with embroidery floss with the same two companies making the majority of it since the 1800s.

What is cross stitch?

Cross stitch is a decorative stitch used to make wall-hangings, designs on clothing, afghans, clocks, Christmas ornaments and many other craft projects. Regardless of the cross stitch project, it is made by hand sewing small x's on a background piece. Usually, the background piece is put in an embroidery hoop to help keep it stiff while working. Generally, the six-strand floss is divided into two or three-piece stands before it is pulled through the material with a needle. You can make your own design, purchase patterns, or purchase cross stitch kits that usually include the floss, Aida cloth, and sometimes a frame.

What are some common cross stitch patterns?

There are many different designs in cross stitch patterns including:

  • Christmas and other holiday patterns
  • Flowers and plants patterns
  • Alphabet patterns
  • Spiritual patterns
  • Animal patterns
  • People patterns
  • Baby patterns
How do you buy cross stitch patterns?

Most cross stitch projects are completed using cross stitch patterns. Sewers count small squares on the cross stitch pattern and sew that number of Xs on the fabric to make pictures. The easiest cross stitch patterns to follow come pre-stamped on the background. As a general rule, the more cross stitch floss colours in a cross stitch pattern, the more difficult it will be to complete. Cross stitch patterns come in different sizes with the easiest usually being the smallest. Of course, picking a cross stitch design that you love will encourage you to complete the cross stitch project. Most stitchers find kits to be the most convenient.

What type of fabric is used to do cross stitch?

There are many different fabrics that can be used for cross stitch including:

  • Adia cloth- This open even-weave fabric is available in many different colours, and it is the most common cross stitch fabric used.
  • Fiddler's cloth- A little more uneven than adia cloth, fiddler's cloth is off-white with brown specks in it.
  • Hardanger- Even-weave Hardanger has extremely small squares. Therefore, cross stitch patterns worked on it have a delicate appearance.
  • Jobelan- Intricate cross stitch designs are completed on washable Jobelan that has 32 squares per inch.
  • Linen- A variety of linens lend themselves well to cross stitching. Belfast linen is very soft while Cashel linen is less stiff.
  • Lugana- Lugana is heavier making it a good choice for wall-hangings and afghans.
  • Perforated paper- This paper is a good choice for Christmas ornaments, handmade greeting cards, and bookmarks because it does not tear when cross stitch designs are sewn on it.
  • Waste canvas- Stitchers can hold waste canvas in position to cross stitch on a variety of other fabrics. Then, when the waste canvas becomes wet, it dissolves.