DENSO Car and Truck AC Compressors

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DENSO Car and Truck A/C Compressor and Clutch

Here, youll find an expansive selection of DENSO parts to repair your vehicles air conditioning. Whether its a compressor or clutch, youll find what you need for your car or truck. A DENSO A/C compressor or clutch will help you stay cool in the summertime heat.

What do the compressor and clutch do?

Your air conditioning wouldnt work so well without them! The clutch works like the type found in your transmission, serving to toggle the A/C compressor from one mode to another. The compressor, however, is the main part of your A/C system. It removes warm gases from the air, giving you ice, cold air. Without a functional clutch alongside it, it wouldnt be able to provide cold air to the cabin.

What other kinds of DENSO compressors and clutches are there?

In every automobile, there is generally only one kind of compressor or clutch that can be installed. Some automobiles use electromagnetic types, but all types do the same thing. Since there is no metric to look for other than compatibility with your engine model, locating a replacement clutch is an easygoing process.

What should you look for in DENSO compressors or clutches?

If youre worried about the longevity of your existing clutch or a soon-to-be new one, there are a couple ways to be sure that its in proper working condition. Check for the following when looking for a new compressor or clutch:

  • When you first turn on your A/C, you should feel a slight shift from the engine. Accompanying this shift, you should either hear a soft click or thunk. You may also hear nothing in both instances.
  • Every 10 minutes after turning the A/C on, you should feel and hear the above signs of the clutch switching the compressor on and off.
  • While the compressor is on, you may hear a gentle hum.
  • Most importantly, the air should feel cool, but not frigid or warm. This indicates that the compressor and clutch are both in good shape.
How do you care for a DENSO A/C clutch?

Caring for your clutch is easy. Here are a few basic care tips:

  • Run the A/C and the defrost: You should run the A/C for at least 10 minutes every month. You should also run the defrost for the same amount of time once a month. This prevents the individual moving parts from stagnating and sticking, including the clutch and compressor.
  • Run it in the winter: You should also run the air conditioner in the winter time; it can dehumidify your vehicles cabin for you. It can also defog your windshield.
  • Refresh your system: Be sure to refresh your system every two years. You can do this by giving it gas and lubricant.