Dart Guns & Soft Darts

Dart Guns and Soft Darts

Soft-tip darts and toys safely shoot foam missiles. These soft-tip toys and blasters are a favourite of kids and adults alike. With a variety of styles and designs available, there is an array of foam shooters to meet your needs.

What are the different types of dart guns?

Dart guns, such as Nerf brand guns, have become a staple in many households since these soft-tip darts offer fun to all ages. Powered by a simple air propellant system, these blaster are able to fire quickly and accurately at your intended target. There are a variety of styles of dart guns on the market, including:

  • Shotguns: These models fire in a burst pattern with two being shot at once.
  • Rifles: These models are often larger with increased firing range as well as greater capacity in the loading magazine. Some are powered by motors and are heavier as a result.
  • Pistols: A basic, revolver-styled unit that fires a single dart and requires only one hand to hold and operate it.
  • Specialty Models: This includes such styles as bows with arrows and machine guns.
Who manufactures blasters that shoot soft-tip darts?

While Nerf is synonymous with foam dart guns, there is another toy manufacturer who now offers similar soft-tip dart guns. Mattel manufactures the BoomCo brand. While similar in use and purpose, BoomCo guns have shields and don't require batteries. The darts used by BoomCo models are different as well; instead of foam soft-tip darts, the BoomCo darts are a thin plastic shell with a stick tip that will stick to the shields on opposing BoomCo guns.

Does Nerf make dart guns for girls?

They offer a foam shooting toy line for girls, the Rebelle brand. Many of the Rebelle guns are similar in function to the standard offerings but look different, with the use of white, purple, and pink on the shooter guns, bows, and Super Soakers, as well as an image of a feathered wing. Of course, girls can play with the main line of guns, too.

Can you buy replacement foam darts?

Replacement foam darts for your blaster or gun are a smart investment since the original foam darts can be lost or become damaged after use. Typically, replacement darts are sold in packs of anywhere from ten to one thousand.

What kinds of accessories are there for soft-tip dart guns?

For serious blaster enthusiasts, there are an array of attachments and accessories to enhance your enjoyment, such as shoulder straps for heavier gun models, barrel extensions, and stock extensions. Some accessories include:

  • Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit
  • Modulus Flip Clip Upgrade Kit
  • Official N-Strike Elite Series 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip
  • Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit